I got up before dawn Saturday to go hiking. This time without Beverly. I had the day off from her, she was working most of the day. I was thankful for the days I had to myself that I didn’t have to attempt to explain to her that I just wanted some time alone.

Before getting out of bed I entertained myself briefly with an amusing but frivolous idea: I had started to wonder if in spite of all the whining and jealousy, maybe Beverly didn’t even realize that there were problems with our relationship. Maybe she thought the drama was normal, or maybe she even wanted it in a way. I didn’t take the idea seriously, but with Beverly who knows.

I stepped out into the chilly, dark blue twilight, and started walking down my street. Even though I had a car now, I decided not to use it. The footbridge wasn’t that far away, and the car might backfire and wake up the whole neighborhood.

The city of Zeboim was silent and still. It was easy to cross the streets; I never saw a single car drive by. What I liked about hiking this early in the morning was that I also probably wouldn’t see a single other person on the trails. I began the walk down Terrace Drive. This was a shady residential street that went quickly to the edge of town. Soon Terrace Drive curved a bit, as it met the Moonshine Lake glen. The houses fit themselves onto a thin sliver of land between the road and the glen.

For the first time that morning I saw some other people. I could see that there was a couple, holding hands, walking a couple blocks ahead of me.

The sky was slowly becoming less dark. I had gotten past all the houses; now the road was right on the edge of the glen. I looked down into the glen to try to see a glimmer of the lake, but I couldn’t see much of anything. There weren’t many gaps in the trees and it was still pretty dark.

I looked back down the sidewalk and discovered that the couple walking in front of me had disappeared. There weren’t many places they could have gone. Maybe they climbed down into the glen, but that was unlikely; it was pretty steep. The only other possibility I could think of was they had reached the footbridge and turned onto it.

I took several more steps, and finally a break in the trees gave me a chance to see the footbridge, spanning all the way across the glen. It was very close, I would be there shortly.

Then I saw the couple that had been walking in front of me. They were at the start of the bridge kissing. I looked carefully and realized that it was two women. I stopped and decided to avoid letting them know I was there. I wanted to spy on them for just a minute. I guess it felt refreshing to watch people who were actually in love with each other.

They started walking again until they were about half way across the bridge, over the middle of the glen. They started kissing again.

At this point I was even less able to watch them, as they were farther away, just two dark figures against the predawn sky. I took a couple steps forward and off the sidewalk so that I was right on the edge of the glen, behind some bushes and small trees to spy on them.

It looked like one of them had made a movement with her arms like she was lifting the other’s shirt. Then she bent over a bit and was doing something at the other’s chest. I quickly zoomed my camera in on them as far as it could go, and adjusted the setting to make the most of the dim light. I took a couple pictures. My dick started to stiffen as I watched; I felt pretty sure she was sucking on her girlfriend’s tits.

She straightened back up and they started kissing again.

I debated whether to walk past them on the footbridge in the hopes that they would continue kissing as I walked by, or to wait patiently for an opportunity to maybe catch a better look at them sucking on each other’s tits without them knowing I was watching.

They were taking their time. I was a bit frustrated; there was little I could see since they were contrasted darkly against the sky. I could see the outline of their heads make slight movements, as well as occasional movements of their hands, but I couldn’t tell where their hands were going.

The other woman’s shirt was pulled up, and now her tits were played with and sucked on. Half way through she leaned against the railing of the bridge and rested her head back while the other woman helped herself to her chest. I didn’t even care at this point what they looked like; I wanted to get a glimpse of this candid lesbian loving. But I knew that soon after I walked onto the bridge they would see me, and even in Zeboim, the chances were that they would cover up the tits and maybe not even resume kissing until after I walked past.

Finally I decided not to wait any longer. I quietly got back on the sidewalk and continued walking towards the footbridge. But when I got to the bridge they were walking to the other end, hand in hand.

I paused and let them get to the end of the bridge. They walked off the bridge and started up the path. I started walking across the footbridge, as quickly and quietly as I could.

When I got to the end of the footbridge I went up the path just a bit in the direction they had gone, and then saw them. They were still a little way up the path in front of me but I had gained a lot of ground on them, and I didn’t want to get any closer for now.

Through the trees I saw a couple piles of bricks of the crumbling foundations of some of the buildings of the old ghost town. Ahead I saw the dark shape of Gomorrah Church. It was next to the spot where the path I was on intersected another path, which was the old railroad bed. It was also just after the railroad bridge crossed the glen. The bridge had been dismantled, but it was obvious where it had been because a few pieces of its concrete and steel were still in place.

There was almost nothing left of the other buildings in the old ghost town, but being made entirely of stone, Gomorrah Church continued to stand proudly and showed little wear. The church’s only purpose now seemed to be to provide a short highway for the squirrels, zipping from one tree to another across its roof.

As the light grew stronger, I was starting to be able to see the two lovers better. They were both young, blond women, and appeared to be attractive. They turned onto the old railroad bed and walked next to Gomorrah Church.

I slowly walked up the trail to where it intersected with the old railroad bed. I saw the couple walk off the railroad bed and up to the church. One woman was slightly shorter than the other. She said, “See Valerie, I do go to church!”

I took a few quick steps on the trail so I was hidden from them by the church. I peeked my head to the side just enough to watch them. They disappeared around the opposite corner of the church. I knew the door of the church was at the other end of the building, I felt pretty sure they went inside.

Though I had walked past Gomorrah Church several times before, I had never gone inside. I slowly began walking along the railroad bed, beside the church. First I passed a double door to the church that I assumed went into the basement. I was below the ground floor of the church, so maybe they wouldn’t see me if they happened to look out the windows. But the railroad bed inclined towards the forest, and as I continued I was up a little higher. As I got to the other end of the church I walked slowly and tried to look casual, in case they saw me through the windows or came back out. After a minute I cautiously climbed the short path up the hill to the door; they had left the door ajar but mostly closed. I peeked in but couldn’t see much. There was a foyer. I also listened but heard nothing. I pushed the door just a tiny bit; I wasn’t sure whether the door would make any noise. It stayed quiet, so I pushed it a bit more. Then the hinges moaned so I abruptly stopped.

I heard the women’s voices:

“Genevieve listen. Is it a ghost?”

There was more silence for a moment, then Genevieve responded. “Probably just the wind. But if you feel another hand, or another tongue…”

They giggled, then were silent again. So Genevieve was the shorter one, with short hair, and Valerie was the taller one, with longer hair.

I could hear that they weren’t close to the foyer. I waited a moment, then carefully started to squeeze myself through the narrow opening. I had to open the door more to do it, and I allowed it to creak for a second while I got past it.

I was in the foyer now. I could see into the church some, just one side. I stayed out of sight for a minute. A second later I heard them talk again.

“Yeah, just a ghost.”

They laughed and were quiet again.

I waited a bit more and then took a step forward. Now I could see more of the interior of the church. There were many pews, some of them broken or moved from their original spot. Lots of tall stained glass windows. The church looked like it could easily fit over fifty people.

I peeked around a bit more, and saw the lesbians. I mouthed an obscenity; I had struck pay-dirt. They were at the front of the church, helping shed each other’s clothes. I stepped into the room and knelt down behind a pew.

Genevieve was already topless. Valerie dropped her shirt on a pew while Genevieve started unbuckling Valerie’s pants. Valerie’s tits were a medium small size and round, they stood up proudly on her chest, with pointy pink nipples. I held up my camera, which was still on maximum zoom, and started taking pictures.

They stepped out of their pants, and were completely naked. My dick started pressing against my pants. I kept my calm just enough to hold the camera steady, to not make any noise, and to stay hidden behind the pews in the back of the church.

Genevieve had larger boobs that hung from her chest and jiggled and swung at every movement she made. Of course, her tits weren’t even half the size of Beverly’s, but still looked like a good handful. I took a couple more photos.

They embraced each other’s naked bodies and had a deep lustful kiss. Their breasts squashed together while their tongues were presumably making love behind their sealed lips. They moved their hands up and down the naked lesbian flesh, from their heads, down their backs, down to their butts, both of which were smooth and round, though Genevieve’s butt was bigger.

They pulled a large towel out of their bag and spread it on the wooden floor. Genevieve grabbed Valerie by the shoulders and guided her down to the floor, with her tits swinging in Valerie’s face.

Valerie smiled up at her. “You’re so feisty!”

Genevieve smiled lustfully. “Lie back.”

Genevieve got on her hands and knees over her lover. She slowly slurped on Valerie’s tits like they were twin vanilla ice cream cones with cherries on top. The young lesbian looked like she had just entered boob heaven as she helped herself to one breast, then the other, while her own sexy tits dangled down.

With all that naked titty and lesbian flesh right there, I had to get closer. They were starting to get into their own lesbian world of tits and tongues, so I decided it was a relatively safe time to try getting closer. I silently moved forward a few rows and across and settled behind a different pew.

Now I was as close to them as I dared to get; probably too close, I thought as I cautiously peeked over the back of the pew. I would have to be very careful. I assumed I would get caught eventually, but I hoped to stay undetected for at least a while longer. Now I could get some damn good pictures.

Genevieve brought her mouth to Valerie’s for another brief kiss. She started moving her mouth down slowly, kissing Valerie’s neck, holding her tits by the nipple and kissing the flesh of each breast in the middle of Valerie’s chest, and then down Valerie’s stomach. Genevieve’s big round ass was sticking right up in the air.

My hardon wasn’t getting any softer. I let it out to get some fresh air.

Genevieve started baring her teeth against Valerie’s stomach.

“Ooh, you’re going to leave teeth marks!” Valerie commented, and they giggled.

Genevieve put her open teeth on Valerie’s stomach again, and I could see her pressing her tongue to Valerie’s stomach.

Valerie laughed. “You know I’m ticklish.”

I started slowly stroking my cock with my free hand.

Genevieve was getting down into the triangle of short light brown hair just above Valerie’s pussy. She got comfortable between Valerie’s smooth long legs. She started working her mouth at Valerie’s pussy and immediately Valerie’s perky tits started rising up and down as she breathed deeper, letting out occasional moans.

The scene was mouthwatering. Genevieve began lapping lustfully between her lover’s lightly furred labia. Valerie tilted her pussy up to Genevieve’s licking. Valerie’s arms and hands were spread out on the floor. Her mouth was open and her eyes closed as her body rocked in time with Genevieve’s licking.

Valerie’s breathing became faster and harder, and she rocked her body more. The pink tips of her tits started to get tossed up and down vigorously. She started pulling on the towel.

Valerie’s pussy mashed up against Genevieve’s mouth, then the opposite direction; her butt pushed against the floor. Her moans became louder. Her body started to convulse in random spasms. Genevieve held her mouth firmly on her lover’s pussy until the storm subsided. Valerie lay panting. Some women look great when they’re out of breath. I stroked my cock slowly and had to be careful not to come.

When Valerie had caught her breath she got up off the towel. “Well let’s get you ready. Lie down.”

Genevieve lay down on the towel. Valerie climbed over her and kissed her briefly. She took Genevieve’s boobs in her hand. She sucked on one, then the other.

She knelt between Genevieve’s legs. She leaned down and brought her mouth to Genevieve’s pussy. Valerie’s ass was up in the air, her sweet little tits hung down, and her pretty face moved up and down as she licked her lover’s pussy. I continued gliding my hand over my slick erection.

Valerie stopped and sat up straight, and smiled down at Genevieve. She rubbed her hand between Genevieve’s thick sexy thighs. I moved to the side to get a better angle and saw that Valerie had two fingers in Genevieve’s pussy. She brought her mouth back down to Genevieve’s pussy, with her ass pointing up at the ceiling. It was Genevieve’s turn to breathe heavier, and she made cute, contented whimpers, as Valerie lovingly lapped at her sexy breakfast.

I jerked off looking more at the sight of Valerie’s body all set for doggy style then at the pussy eating. I had the unbearable desire to walk up there and slide my dick into Valerie’s pussy.

Valerie held her lips firmly on Genevieve’s pussy, while stroking Genevieve inside with her fingers. Genevieve’s breathing and whimpering was becoming more earnest. Her cute little face scrunched up tight, and she let out louder, desperate moans. Then she cried out over and over again, her head thrashing from side to side and her body bucking.

Valerie wiped her face with the back of her hand. “You baptized my fingers already!” She put each finger in her mouth and sucked the juices off, while Genevieve smiled up at her. Valerie’s chin was wet.

Genevieve smiled. “I’m horny.”

“Are you ready to baptize the church?”


Valerie pulled a strap-on out of the bag and put it on.

“Kneel in front of me and get my cock all wet.”

Genevieve kneeled in front of Valerie, and wrapped her lips around the strap-on. She slowly moved her mouth part of the way down the strap-on, and then she started bobbing on it and licking it.

Valerie murmured, “Such a good girl, I love the way you use your tongue.”

Genevieve smiled back up and kept licking the strap-on.

Valerie said, “Get it nice and wet.”

Genevieve began moving her tongue up and down the full length of the strap-on.

Valerie asked. “Do you want to kneel on the pew now?”

I quickly had to duck down. Genevieve got up on the pew on her knees facing the back of the church. My spot was not an ideal location any more. I stayed low and crept to the back of the church.

I heard Valerie say, “Put your sexy butt up a little higher. That’s good.”

I went back to the corner next to the foyer. When I peeked up from my new spot Valerie was standing behind Genevieve, and it was obvious she had put the strap-on in Genevieve’s pussy and was fucking her.

“Is that good?” Valerie asked.

“Yeah, go deeper.”

I stroked my cock and took pictures.

Valerie started out slow but sped up quickly. She had her hands firmly on Genevieve’s butt and started giving it to her hard. Genevieve’s titties were slapping against her chest with every thrust. Her smile had been replaced with an intense look on her face, her eyes closed, and whimpers escaping her mouth with increasing frequency.

“Are you ready to baptize the pew?” Valerie asked.

“I’m almost ready.”

“The pew needs your heavenly juices.”

Valerie fucked her fast. Suddenly Genevieve grabbed the top of the pew and her body thrashed a bit. She yelled, “Fuck me, fuck me hard!”

Valerie thrust the dildo hard into her girlfriend hard and fast, then slowed and smiled. “Now the pew can go to heaven.”

Genevieve laughed as she caught her breath.

Valerie stepped back. “You want to baptize the floor now, doggy style?”

Genevieve got on the floor with her sexy round butt in the air and her titties hanging down. Valerie knelt behind her and slid the dildo into Genevieve’s pussy. Valerie started steadily thrusting and Genevieve’s tits started swinging.

As Valerie thrust harder Genevieve started crying out in adorable, desperate moans. She rested her head down with her butt up in the air, her legs spread wide, and her boobs dragging against the dusty floor.

For a second I heard what sounded like a stream of water from a garden hose hitting the floor. Between her legs the morning light sparkled off a stream of clear juice squirting from her pussy, it lasted a couple seconds before ending with a short trickle and then several drops.

“Such a good girl.” Valerie slowly stroked a few more times before pulling the strap-on out. She moved her head down and licked Genevieve’s pussy.

“Lie Down,” Valerie said.

Genevieve lay on her back, next to the puddle of her pussy juice. Valerie got between Genevieve’s legs and pushed them up, putting Genevieve’s butt against her legs, the strap-on sticking out over Genevieve’s swollen pussy. Valerie pressed the strap-on down into Genevieve’s pussy and began thrusting.

Genevieve’s cute face scrunched up. “Fuck me, harder!”

Valerie started thrusting forcefully. “Your pussy is going to be so tired and sore when I get done fucking you.”

“I don’t care. Fuck me in the dungeon too.”

“When we get home we’ll take a warm bath, and I’ll lick and rub your pussy softly to make it feel better.”

Genevieve was letting out a series of steady moans from deep inside her sexy little body. “Yes, fuck me!”

“We’ll go down to the dungeon too and I’ll fuck you over a barrel. And maybe over the broken piano, so you can squirt your juices on the piano and it can go to heaven.”

I thought they might be talking about the basement, and that I should consider getting there first. This hot young lesbian flesh looked so delicious, it was hard for me to leave the scene, especially if I was wrong and they weren’t going to go to the basement. Eventually I turned around.

Behind me was the foyer where I came in. There was another door in the foyer. Very slowly I pulled the door open, enough for me to squeeze through, and it didn’t make any noise. It was very dark, but I quickly confirmed that it was a stairwell.

I carefully began stepping down the stairs, hoping I wouldn’t step on anything unpleasant like a rat. I wiped a cobweb off my face. After a few more steps the wall on my left disappeared, and the stairs didn’t continue down. I wiped more cobwebs off my face, and determined that the stairwell turned. Around the turn I could still see nothing immediately in front of me, but there was a faint light ahead that I assumed was the bottom of the stairs. I carefully continued down the steps, until I was at the bottom. To my side there was a small room with brick walls, and an arched doorway at the other end. I walked up to the arched doorway and wiped the remaining cobwebs off my face. I was looking into the main room of the basement.

On the wall near me was a window close to the ceiling. Past the window on the same wall was the door that opened out to the old railroad bed. On the opposite wall towards the other end of the room was a larger window.

The basement smelled as would be expected; musty and dank. But there was also the distinct smell of alcohol. I looked around and thought the smell of alcohol must have something to do with the barrels. There were a few barrels near me, and a couple in other parts of the room. They were all broken; some had big gashes in them, others were just splintered boards barely holding together.

The basement seemed dusty and cluttered but not in bad shape otherwise; except that in the corner past the barrels there was a pile of dirt about waist high. There were several large wooden tables around the room, and several wooden chairs. Some of the chairs were tipped over. There was a baby grand piano that was a sad sight. Two of its legs had been removed, so it was resting on its nose.

I looked around and didn’t see a good hiding place. Through the ceiling I could hear Genevieve pleading “Fuck me!” I walked towards the other end of the room and picked up a table. I put it on its side, next to a barrel in the corner. I knelt down behind the table, and adjusted the table next to the barrel so that I had a little spot to peek through and take pictures.

I sat and waited. The story about Gomorrah was that it was an old fishing village; but it wasn’t fish they had in their boats, it was barrels of booze. The smugglers purposely brought a lot more booze up the creek to Zeboim than they could sell in Zeboim. The train would sometimes make an unofficial stop in Gomorrah, where the remaining barrels of booze were loaded onto the train, to be taken to a couple cities on the other side of the mountains. Gomorrah Church was the transfer point where the booze was loaded onto the train. It was rumored the barrels were rolled through a tunnel that ended in the church basement. But the smugglers were busted one night, and there was a brutal gunfight in which several people died. The smuggling beyond Zeboim never started back up, because not long afterwards the laws changed, making smuggling less profitable.

I heard Genevieve and Valerie’s voices, it sounded like they were coming down the stairs. They walked into the room, wearing their smiles, and Valerie was wearing the strap-on.

Valerie asked, “Are you ready for the dungeon?”

“I’m always ready for the dungeon.”

They had a deep kiss.

“I’ll make you squirt all over the dungeon, and then we’ll go home and take a warm bath, and maybe a nap, and then we’ll eat pussy.”

“Yeah, let’s eat pussy all day.”

“We’ll sixty-nine all afternoon.”


“You want to bend over this chair?”


Genevieve walked around the chair and turned with her back towards me. She bent over with her hands on the seat of the chair, and her legs spread. I aimed the camera at her pussy.

Valerie stood behind Genevieve and rubbed Genevieve’s pussy, and slid a couple fingers inside. After a moment she took her fingers out and slid the strap-on in. She started fucking Genevieve slowly, but soon was going at a pretty rapid pace. There were the sounds of young lesbian flesh slapping, and Genevieve’s lustful groans. The chair legs were dragging and knocking against the floor a bit. There was a final groan from Genevieve and I saw a splash of pussy juice squirt out between their legs.

“Did you squirt?” Valerie asked. She looked down at the floor between their legs and smiled. “Such a good girl.”

Genevieve got up on the table and pulled her legs up with her hands behind her knees. Her butt was on the edge of the table, with her left butt cheek towards me. Valerie started fucking her smoothly, with a moderate pace. They gazed into each other’s eyes while they fucked. Valerie gradually thrusted harder. Soon she had her hands firmly on Genevieve’s hips and was thrusting hard and fast. Genevieve started letting out little whimpers and thrashing around on the table.

“Yes Valerie, fuck me!” A little geyser of pussy juice spurted up and landed on her stomach.

When Genevieve stopped thrashing around her head was resting to one side, and she was looking in my direction. I held still, hoping she didn’t see me. She lay on the table panting. She glanced up at Valerie, who was smiling down at her and slowly rubbing her clit. Genevieve looked back down, directly at me.

“There’s somebody down here.”

I moved my head and camera back behind the table.

“Somebody down here?”

“Yes, behind you.”

“But there’s nothing! Did you see a ghost?”

“No, really, I saw something. Behind that table.”

The end of chapter 6 of the novel The Point of No Return

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