The next day was less humid but the sun was still hot. Beverly and I decided to go to a lake that was just outside of town, and spend some time at the beach. In spite of it not even being summer yet there were a couple families and a few other people there. The water was really cold but I swam around for a while.

Then I went onto the beach and unfolded a chair next to where Beverly was getting a tan. I sat down and started to read a book but after a little while I put the book down and closed my eyes. The strong warmth of the sun felt great, as it gradually dried my skin. I was probably asleep, when I was startled by Beverly saying my name.


“What?” I opened my eyes.

“Woah!” I said, out loud by accident.

In front of me was a young woman lying on a towel, almost naked except for a couple thin blue straps across her back, across her hips, and disappearing between the round, shapely cheeks of her ass. She was a little shorter than average for a woman, with a medium, athletic build.

I wondered briefly about her choice of location, as I looked around at all the empty areas on the beach.

“Stop staring at that girl!” Beverly whined.

“But I only just started!”

“You’ve been staring at her for the past five minutes!”

I sat up to get a better view, and thought about offering to spread sunscreen on her.

“I didn’t even know she was there.”

“You were staring right at her!”

“My eyes were closed.”

The woman looked back at us with a smile. Her face was nice too, and her hair was like silky threads of gold in the sun. Obviously she didn’t realize I was the owner of the cheap old car in the parking lot, to lie down practically naked almost directly in front of me.

“Brian you’re still staring at her!”

“Well yeah, I am now!” I smiled back at the woman.

She arched her back and brought her butt up off the towel. She slid one knee up and out to the side. Her pussy lips pressed against the blue material of the bikini, pulling it taught, and bare, smooth shaven pussy flesh was peeking out the edges on both sides.

I uttered a hungry growl. The blond giggled. My dick started to bulge inside my bathing suit.

“Brian stop looking!” Beverly was starting to sound desperate.

“That looks delicious.”

The blond reached her hand back and slid a finger inside her bikini, and moved it up and down against her pussy a few times. Then she put the finger in her mouth, and slowly pulled it out, sucking it clean. The grin on my face got wider. She giggled again.

“Brian don’t watch her!”

“Relax Beverly.”

The blond started to slide the top of her body down the towel, keeping her chest on the towel while her butt lifted further up into the air, her legs spread out wide. The bikini looked like it was going to slide down and disappear between her pussy lips at any moment. She reached back with one hand and started pushing the string of the bikini bottom down her butt. She stopped at about half way. It’s not like it mattered, but I guess it’s the thought that counts.

“Brian stop looking!” Beverly put her hand over my eyes. I pushed her hand away.

I breathed in a low tone, “This is great. Thanks for pointing her out to me!”

I looked around at the other people at the beach. The families on the other side of the beach were oblivious, but the couple nearby was watching us and laughing.

The blond rolled over and lay back with her legs spread wide. She pulled one knee up close to her chest.

“I’m just going to leave you two alone!” Beverly angrily picked up her bag.

“Beverly this is great, she’s putting on a nice little show for us!”

“For us?”

“Well for me then.”

The blond and I smiled at each other some more.

My dick was fully erect and it was really obvious, poking hard at the inside of my bathing suit.

With one hand holding one leg close to her chest, my sexy blond performer hooked two fingers of her other hand into the bikini and pulled. What little guesswork there had been about how her pussy looked naked disappeared along with the material of the bikini, between her smooth fleshy pussy lips.

My mouth watered and my cock throbbed.

She kept the bathing suit pulled up firmly against her pussy and moved it to the left, then to the right, while she smiled and giggled. Her dark pink inner lips started peeking out.

“Oh my God,” Beverly whimpered. I wondered if she was about to cry.

The blond turned and faced me, with her butt up in the air. Smiling and holding her gaze on me, she held her chest close to the ground, her tits resting against the towel.

“Brian don’t look!” Beverly’s voice sounded sad and hopeless.

The blond moved her body forward and back slowly, her perky tits rubbing against the towel. Then she arched her back and sat up. She squeezed her tits together with her arms. She started playing with her tits, squeezing one, squeezing both together, sliding her hand under the top and massaging one of her breasts, then pushing the top to the side so that only her hand hid her breast from my view.

She pulled the bikini top out and around the sides of her tits. Her perky tits stood out proudly from her chest, her pink nipples leading the way. She moved her chest back down the way she was before, and dragged her naked nipples against the towel.

Beverly could take no more. “I’m leaving! You’re just like my last boyfriend!” She picked up her belongings and marched towards the showers.

I took one last look at the nipples being dragged against the towel, and smiled at my sexy blond performer. I picked up my stuff and with a little jog I caught up to Beverly.

“All I did was watch. You’re acting as if she was, I don’t know, teabagging my nuts or something.”

“You were practically drooling, staring at her, while she did a strip tease right in front of you, with me right next to you! I can’t believe the way you treat me!”

“Beverly,” I answered her in a calm, serious, voice, “I was asleep when you yelled at me for staring at her. I didn’t even know she was there until you woke me up.”

“You’re lying! You were staring right at her!”

“No, I’m not lying. Remember what happened yesterday? I’m telling the truth. This isn’t going to work if you keep being so paranoid.”

“Paranoid! I just watched you drool over her giving you a strip show! Am I supposed to believe that didn’t really happen? I was right there I saw the whole thing!”

I tried not to laugh at the purplish color her face had turned. I don’t think it was from a sunburn.

I was starting to learn to not respond to her, that there was no way to reason with her when she got like this. We had reached the outdoor showers. There were three showers, she went into the one in the middle and I went into the one on the right.

I hung up my towel and pulled off my bathing suit.

Beverly started muttering, “I’m just a big pair of tits to be played with. That’s my role in life, to let men play with my big tits. I get the best men cause I have the best tits. I get the cream of the crop.” There was a pause, as if for once in her life she was waiting for me to respond.

“I know you can hear me Brian.”

I turned on the water and pretended I couldn’t hear her.

“Fuck you Brian.”

I laughed silently as I tilted my head back against the water. This was the most angry I’d ever seen her. I heard her turn on the shower. This relationship had officially become a disaster as far as I was concerned. It had actually started out pretty nice, on the first few dates. She seemed to really like me and trust me at first, but now the whole thing was falling apart, and for no real reason. Obviously we needed to end it. I was thinking maybe she would break up with me during one of these drama episodes. I wouldn’t make too much effort to stop her. Maybe the next day she would realize she made a mistake, but by then it would be too late. I could use a line like “it just wasn’t meant to be,” and we could part as friends, but I doubted I would really be interested in her much even as a platonic friend. This was a pretty intense incident, I felt like maybe this was it. I wondered what would happen when we finished our showers.

I turned to soak the other side of my body and froze. The bottom of a skimpy blue bikini was hanging over the door. It was being jerked up and down by someone outside. I realized it belonged to the sexy blond woman.

I opened the door a crack to see her on the other side wearing her towel, bikini top, and a smile. My boner started to stiffen back up. I realized my mouth was hanging open; I closed it. I put my finger to my own smiling lips to signal her to stay quiet; she nodded. I opened the door wider and she stepped in.

While I quietly closed and latched the door, she quickly pulled off her towel and hung it up, trying to keep it from getting wet. All she had on was her bikini top. I glanced at her ass and felt my breathing deepen, and my blood pulsing like electricity throughout my body.

She turned and put her hands on my shoulders, and leaned in with her mouth next to my ear. I slid my hands down the sides of her body to her ass. My hardon pressed against her firm stomach.

“We can conserve water if we shower together,” she whispered.

“Oh yeah, we can conserve lots of water,” I answered, my face breaking into an evil smile.

My dick throbbed as she wrapped her hand around my boner.

She asked, “Did I give this hardon to you?”

“You can take full credit for that.” Beverly was starting to piss me off, and if this sexy blond wanted to help me relieve some tension then I was going to make the most of it. Beverly owed this to me whether she knew it or not.

I started to gently squeeze the blond’s firm butt.

She murmured in my ear again, “I have a bad habit. I like to flirt with men in front of their girlfriends, wives, and mothers. It makes me horny when they start getting jealous.”

“Well my girlfriend gets extremely jealous.”

“Does she really?”

“Yeah. And it doesn’t take much.”

“Do you want to give her a real reason to be jealous?”

“I would love to.”

Her open lips met mine and our tongues started caressing, sliding deeper, and wrestling playfully. I moved the tips of my fingers up her back and pulled her bikini top off. Her nipples poked against my chest. I felt her hand around my boner again.

She moaned a bit, any louder and Beverly would be able to hear it.

I pulled my tongue away from hers. “You can’t make any noise. If she finds out we’re doing this, she might break up with me. Then what would I do?”


We quickly and silently slipped back into the kiss.

I moved my hand down and rubbed her pussy. I loved the feel of her sexy flesh under my fingers. She must have a lot of fun rubbing her pussy.

We heard Beverly turn off her shower. I slowly extracted my tongue from the blond’s mouth, our tongues sliding and circling as I pulled out.

I whispered, “I don’t want her to see two pairs of feet if she happens to look in the gap under the door when she comes out of the shower. I’ll pick you up.”

She nodded.

I lifted her up so her chest was right at my mouth. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and gripped me above my hips with her strong legs. I moved my tongue in little circles against her nipple. I think her nipple was already hard. I opened my mouth wider and sealed my lips against her breast, sucking most of her breast into my mouth. She took a long breath as I teased her nipple with my tongue.

We heard Beverly leave the shower as I moved my mouth to the other breast. Her tits were so sweet and her nipples so hard.

When I had my fill of her sweet little tits I let her back down and got on my knees in front of her. She leaned back against the wall and spread her legs slightly.

I watched a couple drops of water drip off her pussy lips. I licked off the moisture. I put my tongue between her lips and took one long slow lick, as she moved one of her hands to the back of my head. I took full long licks, savoring the feel of her soft smooth pussy sliding against my tongue.

I pressed my tongue to the bottom of her pussy and slid my tongue inside her. Her pussy was inviting me deeper, with her smooth warm texture and intoxicating taste; it was like slipping my tongue into a jar of warm honey. I slid my tongue farther. She moved her hips forward, and held me to her pussy with her hand on the back of my head. My whole tongue was inside her, and my lips sealed against her silky smooth flesh. I looked up into her pretty blue eyes and licked inside her pussy.

With my hands on her butt, I guided her hips back and forth. She kept her hands on my head and her eyes locked on mine and started humping my mouth. I wished I could have my tongue fucked by such a delicious pussy more often.

I slowly pulled my tongue out of her, licking between her lips and up over her clit. She continued to hold the back of my head, and pushed her pussy into my mouth. I softly teased her clit with my tongue as I gazed up into her eyes. My dick was throbbing and pre-cum was trickling out.

She took my hand and guided my fingers to her pussy. I slid two fingers in and started gently rubbing her inside.

I watched her close her eyes while I licked and sucked her pussy and fingered her.

I felt my fingers being squeezed hard, and heard a stifled moan. I licked and rubbed her softly through her orgasm.

She tugged my arm. I gave her pussy a couple slow last loving licks and stood up.

She knelt in front of me, and opened her sexy lips and slid her tongue against the sensitive underside of my dick. She circled her tongue around the head of my cock a few times, then eased my boner deep into her mouth, her wet tongue pressed against the base. She closed her mouth around my cock, and slowly bobbed up and down. I smiled down into her sky blue eyes.

She pulled her lips up and gave a little lick to the head of my cock, as she took her mouth away. She replaced her mouth with her hand and began smoothly stroking my cock. She opened her lips just below my balls and pressed her tongue to the underside of my balls. She leisurely licked and caressed my balls with her tongue.

She pressed her lips gently against my left nut and slowly sucked it into her mouth, and tickled and caressed my left nut with her tongue.

She slowly let my left nut pass back out between her lips, then sucked it back in. She did this several times with my left nut and then moved on to my right nut. I think she must have heard my comment to Beverly about teabagging.

My dick throbbed as she lightly glided her hand up and down, gazed up at me with her pretty blue eyes, and sucked my left nut back into mouth and held it there while she bathed it with her tongue.

She let my left nut fall from her lips, and slid her tongue to the base of my cock. She slowly licked up, all the way to the head. Then she lowered her mouth back down and went back to bobbing on my cock.

My boner had already been throbbing; her sexy mouth around my dick made me draw my breath in sharply to keep my cum from spurting down her throat. She stopped with her lips and tongue against the head of my cock.

“A little slower,” I murmured.

It helped, but not that much; her version of a little slower meant slower bobbing but even more caresses from her tongue. I saw the twinkle in her eyes while she watched my face, gauging how much she could get away with by how often I closed my eyes and how deep my breathing was.

Eventually I felt like it was becoming too much for me. I smiled and said, “I don’t think I can take much more.”

She made one more deep bob on my cock, softly caressing with her tongue as she slowly pulled her mouth back up. When her tongue finally left the tip of my cock she stood up and turned around, leaning back against me.

My cock and balls were pressed against the top of her ass. She rested her head against my shoulder, and brought one hand back and held the back of my head. I put my hands on either side of her hips. She tilted her head up further, our lips met.

I rubbed my hands over her erect nipples while she invited me deeper into the kiss. She wrapped one of her hands around my cock, and held the back of my head with the other. I kept one hand continually squeezing and rubbing her chest, and the other hand I moved down over her firm stomach and continued until her pussy lips were in my fingers. I moved my fingers up and down and rubbed in little circles and into her pussy. Her soft pussy lips pressed into the palm of my hand while I massaged her deep inside.

Her hand left my cock. Then I felt her unrolling a condom onto my cock.

She pulled my boner down, dragging the head of my cock between her buns on its way to her pussy. The head of my cock poked against the back of my hand as I massaged the inside of her pussy. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and held her hips with both hands. She pressed the head of my cock against her soft pussy until it slipped inside.

I pushed my cock forward, sliding it all the way in. She arched her back and pushed her pussy back against me. We quickly agreed on a rhythm.

She rested her head back against my chest and closed her eyes. Her pointy tits gently heaved as she took deep breaths. Her pussy gripped my boner with soft, silky perfection on every stroke.

She leaned forward and put her arms against the wall of the shower, keeping her back arched and her legs spread.

I slowed some, pressing hard against her g-spot. I was giving my boner a good workout; I hope I gave her pussy a good workout too.

I slowed down some more. Then I thrust hard, driving my cock into her all at once. I heard a soft moan from her.

“You like that?” I asked quietly.

“Yeah, do it more.”

She spread her legs and arched her back a bit more.

I held her hips, and drove my boner in harder than before. I heard another soft moan. She took a big breath and her head tilted upwards. I quickly did it again.

I kept going in hard, out slowly. I thrust into her without any particular rhythm, trying to keep it random. Her pussy was so silky, I had slowed down so that I didn’t come, but on each thrust I still felt like I was getting closer to coming.

“Brian? Are you in there?”

Beverly was calling me from nearby. I froze with my dick deep inside my sexy blond friend’s pussy.

I quickly pulled her up from her leaning position. She spun around and faced me.


Beverly was just outside the showers.

I grabbed my blond friend under her butt and lifted her up.

“Yeah,” I finally called out to Beverly, out of breath.

“Are you coming?”

“Not yet,” I answered. My blond friend gripped my sides with her strong legs. I watched as she pressed my dick down against her pussy.

“You’ve been in there for half an hour! What are you doing?”

I smiled into the blond’s blue eyes as the head of my cock slipped into her pussy. She pulled herself forward and let herself down on my cock.

“I’m jerking off,” I called back to Beverly. “That woman made me really horny.”

“Well hurry up!”

The blond began rolling her hips on my cock.

“I’ll be done in, like, an hour. Maybe two. Relax and enjoy the sun while you wait.”

My blond friend pressed her face against my shoulder as she attempted to stifle a giggle. Then she moved her head to kiss me. I moaned quietly against her lips, as she slid her tongue into my mouth and her pussy down my dick. I held her ass with both hands.

“I want to lean back against the wall,” she whispered in my ear. I turned and she leaned back, resting her shoulders against the wall. I gazed into her eyes while I enjoyed the feel of her hot pussy gently gripping my cock. I held my hands on her ass, and pushed up into her each time she let her pussy down on my cock.

Then I picked her up more, and turned her over so we were in a standing sixty-nine. She held herself up with her legs over my shoulders. I slid my tongue between the velvety folds of her pussy flesh.

I felt her wet tongue against the top of my cock and her lips seal around the base as she began slowly bobbing.

I teased her clit lightly with the tip of my tongue, then pressed my lips to hers and moved my mouth back and forth. I would never get enough of her pussy flesh with my tongue or my cock. I let her back down onto her feet.

She put her hands against the wall. I wrapped one arm firmly around her from behind, and brought my other hand down over her pussy. I pushed my dick into her and started pumping her. I kept my fingers on her pussy, rubbing as I fucked her, letting my dick go into her between my fingers.

She leaned back with her head resting against my chest. She reached back and held my shoulders and the back of my head. We kissed soft and fucked deep. Our tongues swirled, our lips puckering repeatedly. She arched her body and pushed her pussy back against me. On every stroke we tried to fuck deeper and grind harder than the one before.

Her pussy must have been sore for the next couple days, from the way we were fucking. My dick was already sore from being so hard.

I hated to stop but I knew I wasn’t going to continue fucking this hot woman and her perfect pussy for literally another two hours. I started pumping her a little faster, allowing her pussy to gradually bring me closer and closer to coming.

“I’m going to come soon,” I whispered.

She nodded.

In several more strokes my balls boiled over. My cum spurted hard inside her pussy while our tongues circled soft and deep. My cock kept pulsing even after each last drop of cum had been drained out.

I stayed frozen in place; I didn’t want to let this hot woman out of my arms, or my hard boner out of her pussy. I played with her tits while I caught my breath.

Finally, with each of her nipples in my fingers, I gently pinched her nipples and pulled my fingers back until her nipples were free. I moved my hand down to her hips.

She turned around. I held her ass firmly in my hands, and she put her arms around me. We brought our lips and tongues together. We kissed soft and deep and slow. I squeezed her sexy ass.

Our tongues began to slide away, and our lips finally parted.

I murmured, “Thanks. That was really great.”

She smiled back. “My pleasure!”

I pulled my bathing suit on over my cock, which was still hard.

I gave her a quick kiss goodbye, and slid out the door.

I walked around the corner of the building and found Beverly sitting on a bench.

“Brian! It’s about time, I’ve been waiting forever!”

“I don’t care. That shower felt great.”

“You don’t care?” She looked at me, worried and confused. Her eyes stopped on my shorts.

“Brian your dick is sticking up and pushing against your shorts, it’s really obvious.”

I looked down at my boner. “Oh yeah. I think it’ll soften up in a few minutes, I came pretty hard.”

The whole way home she was whining about my apparent attitude of not giving a damn about her, which was quickly becoming the truth. I was in a great mood, and mainly just laughed at her and agreed with her. I told her I was fucking half the women in Zeboim. She didn’t seem to know how to respond to that.

I can’t say I regretted fucking the sexy blond, but I decided not to cheat on Beverly again. I didn’t want to turn into the person she thought I was. My plan was to give it some time and see if she would break up with me during one of her drama episodes, and if she didn’t I would break up with her as politely and with as little drama as possible. I wanted her to break up with me because of her paranoia, not because I had actually done anything with another woman.

The end of chapter 4 of the novel The Point of No Return

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