On Saturday Beverly and I drove to my cousin’s wedding. My new little car performed nicely; it didn’t have any trouble on the big hills, even with Beverly’s heavy tits in the passenger seat. The highway went around the edge of the mountains, and we had a relaxing and scenic drive.

After a couple hours we arrived at the church where the wedding was held. It sat on a small hill, looking very dignified. I drove the car up the short driveway to the parking lot. Several of my family members and a bunch of people I’d never seen before were in front of the church, in fine and flowery clothing, chatting and slowly moving towards the front door.

As I entered the parking lot the car backfired loudly. All the heads turned towards us. Beverly looked like she wanted to hide. I smiled. “Well Beverly, there’s more than one way to announce your arrival at a wedding.”

It was only the first Saturday in May but the sun was hot, and the warm weather had brought out the boobs. We had only just put away our heavy winter clothing. I hadn’t seen cleavage all winter, and now suddenly I was surrounded by it. Beverly’s boobs were huge contributors to the cause, but the other women were also wearing things like light sundresses and showing off whatever they had.

As the ceremony started I whispered in Beverly’s ear, “Let’s have a quickie.”

She looked at me as if I had sprouted a third eye. “Now?”

“Yeah. All this cleavage is making me horny.”

Beverly was starting to turn pink. “Well it’s really warm today, I’m trying to stay cool!”

“You and just about every other woman here.”

“Every other woman?”

“It’s everywhere. Big, little, perky, dangly. . . Anyway, no one will be in the bathroom, now’s the perfect time.”

“I don’t want to get all sweaty.”

“We can clean up with some paper towels.”

“You want to miss the ceremony?”

“The beginning is boring anyway. If we’re quick we’ll be back in time for the vows.”

She still looked uncertain. “Well it’s your cousin’s wedding. I guess if you don’t care—No Brian this is a church! We can’t do it here!”

I was being very quiet, but I could see that Beverly’s loud whispers were noticed by people around us. I hope they couldn’t hear what we were saying.

“You’re right, this is a church! Beverly we have to do this. Don’t you want to have sex in a church at least once?”

“It’s not nice Brian.”

“This is a fucking wedding. He should pop her cherry right there in front of everyone.”

Beverly was a rosy pink and trying unsuccessfully not to smile. “She’s a virgin?”

“Well, in theory. How should I know. But I think legally, whether she is or not, they need to demonstrate that this is legit; if they don’t fuck it’s null and void.”

Beverly got up, trying hard to keep a composed look on her face.

We walked to the back of the sanctuary. The lady sitting at the back table handing out the programs glanced at us and smiled, I smiled and nodded back.

We went around the corner to where the restrooms were located. I murmured to Beverly, “Wait a second while I check.” I went into the men’s room, glanced around and quickly confirmed that no one was there. I opened the door and Beverly stood waiting with her nervous smile still on her face.

We went into the middle of the room. I took hold of her dress and began to pull it up, all the way over her head.

“Brian!” She grabbed the dress. “Can’t you just hike up my dress? What if someone walks in?”

“If someone walks in we’ll be caught anyway. We’ll want to at least show them that we do restroom quickies properly.”

She reluctantly allowed me to pull the dress over her head. I pushed her panties over her big round ass and down to her ankles. She stepped out of her panties while I unfastened her bra and stuck the bra in my pocket. My dick started growing at the sight of her nude.

“You’re still fully clothed!” She pointed out, apparently embarrassed by her nakedness.

“Well I guess you better get busy, if you don’t want to miss the rest of the wedding.”

I held my arms out to the side. She quickly got the point and started unbuttoning my shirt. She took off my shirt, then unbuckled my pants and pushed them down. I pulled my pants the rest of the way off.

I sucked on her tits, sliding my tongue in circles over her nipples until each one was hard, and I rubbed her pussy hard in little circles. I slid two fingers into her pussy. She was already wet. I rubbed her pussy and finger fucked her for a minute.

“Lean over the sink.”

She got in front of the sink with her hands on the counter, and spread her legs a bit. I pushed my boner down so it was rubbing against her pussy, and I put my hands on the sides of her butt and pulled her a couple steps back. I wasn’t going to let her get away with standing almost upright in front of a full sized mirror that was just right for her full sized tits.

I pressed the head of my dick against her pussy and buried it to the balls in one thrust.

Beverly gasped and took a step forward. “Brian that was a little fast!”

I pulled her back. “Quickies are supposed to be fast.”

I began slowly pumping her silky pussy. I watched her tits swinging slowly in the mirror. I held her hips firmly as I sent my dick into her a little more forcefully. Now her tits jiggled slightly on each thrust.

I pushed her tits together, and let them spill over my hands. I squished them together more, then let them just dangle into my hands. I molested her nipples, pinching them and rolling them between my thumbs and fingers.

I put my hands back on her hips. I started pumping her pussy a little faster, making her tits swing. She could knock over buildings with those things.

I started to finish each stroke with a more forceful thrust, which added more jiggle to Beverly’s tits. They started to get out of sync as they swung, and they weren’t just swinging forward and back, but at random angles. They were starting to glisten with perspiration.

I heard a noise behind me.

“Holy shit! You guys couldn’t at least wait until the reception?”

A short balding guy with a big belly had walked in. His eyes bulged wide as he stared at Beverly’s tits in the mirror, his grin was even wider.

“Well there’s all that cleavage out there, I had to do something.”

“Yeah I know what you mean. Now that it’s spring and they start wearing lighter clothes, there’s just tits everywhere you look!”

Beverly’s face was beet red. I held her hips firmly and gave her ass a good bump with each thrust. Her tits were swinging and jiggling like crazy.

This guy was thoroughly enjoying the show; I couldn’t keep from chuckling as I watched him staring at Beverly’s tits. Eventually he went over and used the urinal. Then as he tucked his dick back into his pants he looked at us over his shoulder with a big perverted grin. He walked up next to us to use the sink. He was staring at Beverly’s tits in the mirror the whole time he was washing his hands.

“But just so you know they exchanged vows before I came in here, the ceremony is almost over and people will probably be in here any second.”

I looked at him in a bit of a panic. “Already? We better finish!”

“Yeah cause they’re just about done, there’s bound to be people using the restroom any minute now.”

“Hey would you be able to stand guard and let us know when they’re coming?”

“Sure.” He quickly went out the door, then returned a few seconds later. “The coast is still clear.” He went back out.

I started pumping Beverly’s pussy hard and steady to make myself cum. Her tits had gotten into mostly synchronized circles, slapping against each other each time.

I brought myself to the brink of coming and started to fuck her even harder. My cum started to spurt.

The man came in the door. “Here they come, you guys better finish up, they’re starting to come out of the sanctuary!”

Beverly turned and grabbed her dress. “Brian I have to go!”

My dick popped out of her pussy, still pulsing with cum. I grabbed a bunch of paper towels and gave them to Beverly as she got into a stall. The man wet some more paper towels and gave them to me as I grabbed my clothes and went into another stall.

“Beverly don’t flush the paper towels down the toilet.”

“What am I supposed to do Brian?”

“Wait and put them in the trash.”




As the reception was starting Beverly asked me quietly,

“Brian where’s my bra?”

“I don’t know. You don’t have it?”

I looked down her dress, down between her tits. Usually her bra pushed her tits together and created cleavage; but without a bra her tits dangled a lot and there was space between them at the top, and looking straight down from next to her shoulder was a pretty interesting view. But that was nothing; she was downright stunning in good light. A couple times I—and a whole bunch of other people—saw how the light went right through the dress and clearly illuminated her tits and pink areolae in all their glory. I had to make a conscious effort to stop my jaw from falling to the floor. I realized I probably made a mistake by keeping her bra in my pocket. For some reason it didn’t make me pull her bra out of my pocket and give it back to her though.

“I couldn’t find it after the quickie.”

I shrugged. “It must be in the bathroom back at the church, probably on the counter next to the sinks.”

“I looked all over the bathroom, I couldn’t find it anywhere.”

“Well probably someone took it.”

“I think so. My boobs are all over the place inside this dress!”

I looked right at her chest and nodded, as if it was the first time I noticed.

“Brian this dress is sheer! And my nipples are protruding!”

“Ask the DJ to make an announcement asking if someone found a bra with a huge cup size in the men’s bathroom. Maybe whoever took it will give it back.”

“No. It’s just annoying.”

She looked miserable, and was starting to get in the habit of folding her arms in front of her chest.

“Don’t worry about it Beverly. It’s not like anyone will notice.”

As we ate dinner, there were constantly subtle glances and grins in Beverly’s direction from the other people at our table. Beverly seemed to be the only one not reveling in the glory of her tits. I knew I had to give her bra back to her soon.

Half way through the meal I muttered quietly, “What’s that? There’s something in my pocket.”

I started pulling it out. I held it up in front of me and looked at it. The other people at the table looked at me with disbelieving stares and stifled smirks.

“Beverly, it’s your bra!”

Everyone at the table, except for Beverly, started laughing.

“Sorry. I forgot I put it there.”

Beverly was about as rosy a hue as she ever gets. She took the bra and went to the lady’s room to put it back on.

A little later we finished dinner, and people started dancing. I wanted to get another glass of wine. I offered to refill Beverly’s glass while I got more for myself.

The wine was just around the corner from the dining area and dance floor. I found the same wine that I drank before, and as I was refilling our glasses I overheard a conversation at a nearby table:

“Look at Brian’s girlfriend. Doesn’t she just look kind of, I don’t know pathetic or something?”

“Yeah, I mean, I hate to say it but, you’re right. She looks sad and pudgy.”

“And Brian’s not even with her right now!”

“He’s probably dancing with someone else. I mean, if she was your girlfriend would you dance with her?”

“Not me. I would want someone who’s hot!”

“That dress isn’t very good for her.”

“I don’t think that dress would be good for anybody! It would make anyone look fat!”

“It might make a cow look pretty I guess.”

There was a bit of laughter.

“And a little makeup would go a long way.”

I casually stepped past the corner just enough to spy around. At the closest table sat three young women, their heads turned away from me and towards Beverly. I had no idea who these girls were, but apparently they at least knew my name and felt the need to obsess about Beverly and her relationship with me, which they probably knew nothing about.

Their conversation continued, “Well I don’t see him on the dance floor. He’s probably just in the bathroom.”

“Probably in the bathroom getting a blowjob.”

They all giggled.

In a hollow tone one of them asked, “Why is he with her?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Look at her boobs!”

“Does it really mean that much to men for their girlfriends to have big boobs?”

“Well guys like boobs. It’s just the way it is.”

I stepped back, out of sight. These poor cretins were calling Beverly pathetic, how ironic. They were in no position to be making those sorts of judgements about her. These creatures were already sad. I could just let them remain, wallowing in their own idiocy and ignorance. I could just walk by and pretend I hadn’t heard. Of course, I could, but that doesn’t mean I was going to.

I put together what I wanted to say and repeated it a couple times in my mind. I didn’t want to forget a single word. Then I took a couple deep breaths so I’d be very calm and casual. I picked up the two glasses of wine. I tried my best to replace the evil smile on my face with something pleasant and innocent, my best attempt at charming, to look as if I was going to ask if any of them wanted to dance. I casually walked around to the front of their table.

One of the girls noticed me walking towards them and she met my smile with a big smile of her own, as if I was Brad Pitt and had overdosed on erection pills. The other two saw that she was looking at me and quickly turned towards me with their own expectant, honey-dripping smiles.


I immediately started to stray from what I had planned to say when I saw their faces.

“Wow. I do use the term loosely. I guess I’ll just assume there’s something resembling a human female under there, until more results come back from the lab.”

Their smiles quickly faded and they glanced at each other in shock.

“I was getting some wine and heard part of your conversation. It sounds like whatever magazine you’re using as god’s word on men, relationships and makeup isn’t telling you everything. My girlfriend doesn’t wear makeup because she looks fine without it. Each of you however could probably use a couple more thick layers. I’m assuming there’s a reason you don’t show your faces in public, and it’s better to be on the safe side.”

I watched the fear dripping out of their gaping eyes and mouths, and the evil smirk started to return to my face.

“You with the salad. It’s good to see you’ve been setting the avocado aside. You’re a sad enough sight in two dimensions, I’d hate to see you in three. Surely if you had eaten that little pile of avocado, it would expand overnight a thousand times, go right to your ass, and you’d need to have a garage door installed to be able to leave your home in the morning.”

It felt like I was the one sorting people out at the gates of hell, telling them what part of the lake of fire they would call home for the remainder of eternity, and these girls had just arrived. My evil smirk was in full bloom.

“In some cases there is more to a woman than her tits. There’s this new thing called personality. Look it up on your handheld gadgets if you haven’t heard of it yet. Per-son-ality. You’re going to need more than just jealousy covered by a thick layer of makeup.”

I started to turn and took a step away from the table. My face became more sober as I looked at them for another moment. “Almost four billion years of evolution. I suppose all you’re missing is fake tits. Yeah, you’ll have just about everything you need if you just get some fake tits.”

I walked away. I knew what I said about Beverly wasn’t really true. My relationship with her wasn’t progressing into much. We didn’t really have much in common and didn’t seem to be a very good match.

I assumed the girls were watching me as I walked to my table. As I sat down I said to Beverly, “Kiss me.”

“I don’t think so Brian.”

“Why not?”

“First you need to tell me what you were saying to those girls over there.”

I sat down without saying anything at first. I wasn’t all that surprised. I had noticed recently that Beverly’s jealousy issues were starting to get a little ridiculous, and I wanted to nip it in the bud. I turned and stared at her as if I was considering whether to dump her right there on the spot. It was fortunate that most of the other people from our table were dancing or visiting other tables.

“Actually it’s none of your business. But the fact is, I overheard them saying some mean things about you. I told them where to go.”

Beverly opened up her whine cabinet and took out a good one. “That’s not what it looked like to me Brian! It looked like you were asking them to dance with you!”

“Really. Well I guess I should have.”

Beverly pulled out another of her best whines, this one with a robust crescendo: “How do you think that makes me feel!”

I shrugged and reached for my wine glass. “Go over and ask them yourself if you don’t believe me.”

“Brian relax. It’s not-”

“Obviously this discussion is going nowhere.”

I stared at her, silently daring her to continue with whatever shit she was about to say.

“If you want to know what happened you can simply ask them yourself.”

“Brian, all I did is ask you what you were saying to those girls.”

“All you did is piss me off. I told you what I said to them. Get up and ask them yourself. This conversation is over until you do. Actually, this relationship is over until you do.”

She stared at me, looking dizzy.

Finally she got up and went over to the girls. I took a couple big sips of my wine. I could see the girls saying something to her, their clown faces looking distraught. Beverly turned and came back to the table. I continued sipping my wine.

She sat down and somehow managed to look deflated, in spite of her boobs. “Sorry Brian.”

I didn’t say anything.

“Brian, I don’t see why this had to turn into a drama scene.”

“Neither do I Beverly.”

“It didn’t need to be such a big deal. You could have just told me.”

I took a sip of wine. “Told you what?”

“What you were saying to those girls.”

“Oh, I was afraid you meant they told you I was fucking your mother. I already told you what I said to those girls. I’m not going to say anything about your mother.”

“My mother?” She stared at me. “Brian you’re just making this worse. Can we just forget about it?”

“It’s up to you Beverly.”

The end of chapter 3 of the novel The Point of No Return

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