On Tuesday I went to eat lunch at a cafe across the street from where I work. I bought a sandwich and sat down and began eating.

A slender, tall, pretty woman with dark hair approached my table. With a shy smile she asked, “Do you mind if I sit here?”

I made a quiet grunt type of sound and nodded almost imperceptibly. She stood looking unsure. I nodded more perceptibly.

She sat down and quietly started eating her lunch. I knew there were some tables that were empty, but she chose to sit at mine.

I snuck a couple glances at her. The third time I glanced up at her I discovered her looking at me. It was an awkward moment. We smiled politely and I looked back down at my sandwich.

I guessed her to be in her upper twenties, several years younger than me. I started to become aware of the feeling that I had seen her before. I wondered if I had met her somewhere. It wasn’t a strong feeling, but still it was there, like I had seen her face maybe once, maybe only briefly.

I glanced back up at her just a second before she looked at me and our eyes met again, a repeat of what had happened a few seconds earlier. I considered trying to see how many times this would happen. She had a sweet, shy, smile. An asymmetrical smile, that pulled her mouth more on one side than the other and was rather lopsided.

I figured it out; this was the woman who had passed me and said hi Saturday morning before I met Beverly and bought my car. I wondered if she realized I was the same man she had said hi to.

It was too early to know for sure, but she seemed to have beauty and grace. Maybe she was a woman I would like. Beverly wasn’t here to throw a fit if I happened to converse with her.

“Did you see Betelgeuse go supernova?”

She looked up with a curious, slightly lopsided smile on her face, her head tilted to one side.

“Betelgeuse went supernova?”


Her smile got bigger, as if she thought I was telling a joke. “When?”

“Last night. You didn’t see it?”

She smiled at her sandwich, one side of her face smiling more than the other, but both sides looking delighted.

After a moment she answered. “I didn’t see it. It was pretty cloudy last night.”

Cloudy. I hadn’t thought of that. “Well early this morning it started to clear up. I read on the internet that some people saw it.”

She looked at me for a second; an amused, suspicious, and lopsided smile on her face. She got up and walked outside. Through the windows I watched as she glanced at the sun and then looked into the eastern sky. Then I watched her turning and looking up into all areas of the sky. By now the sky was mostly free of clouds.

This was all a surprise to me; I hadn’t expected her to have any idea what I was talking about.

She came back and sat down.

“I didn’t see it.”

“I think it’s on the other side of the planet right now.”

“I don’t believe you,” she declared with a smile. I think she was enjoying this little game.

She got up and went to the rack of newspapers in the cafe, picked up a newspaper and looked at the front page. Then she put it back and came back to the table.

“So you say it would have been visible last night, if there hadn’t been clouds?”

“Yeah, I think that’s what I read.”

“Where did you read about it?”

Her lopsided smile was contagious, and I was doing a poor job of keeping a straight face through all of this. I think she was starting to notice.

“I’m only joking. I made it up.”

Her smile got bigger, stretching wide into both of her cheeks.

“I see. A very tricky guy! What’s your name?”

“Brian. What’s yours?”

“I’m Alice. Nice to meet you Brian.”

“Nice to meet you Alice.”

We quietly ate our lunches. I started working on a hypothesis concerning what was bumping against my ankle. Maybe someone brought their pet dog to the cafe and it was sniffing my feet. Or it could be something Alice was doing; that was the only other possibility I could think of. As the movement persisted it did feel like it could be a toe rubbing up and down my ankle.

I kept my eyes on her while I ate. She kept her face down towards the table. Whatever was rubbing against my ankle was starting to push up into the leg of my pants.

She finally looked up at me with her head tilted and her shy smile sneaking into one of her cheeks.

“Do you like gazing at the stars?”

I wasn’t quite sure how to answer the question. At the moment it looked like there were some extra stars right there in her eyes.

“Well, not usually. There’s a lot of artificial light in Zeboim, and usually so much smog and haze. I hardly ever bother.”

What I assumed to be her toe was rubbing the outside of my leg just above my ankle.

“You have to be patient. Sometimes we have a clear night.”

I nodded. “Do you do it often?”

She turned the cheek towards me that was smiling the most. “When I get the chance.”

She moved her toes around my ankle and up into the leg of my pants, hooking her foot around the back of my leg.

I moved my free foot forward. I found something like a sneaker. An empty sneaker. I moved my foot over further, and found her other sneaker, with her foot still in it.

I looked at her twinkling eyes with a serious gaze. “Do you think our universe is inside the black hole of another universe?”

“Well maybe. But probably not.”

I moved my ankle against hers.

“Why not?”

She moved her toes to the bottom of my ankle and thought for a moment.

“It’s just speculation.”

“But do you agree that it’s possible?”

She slowly moved her foot back up into the leg of my pants again. “Only because we haven’t ruled it out, and that’s only because we know so little.”

“I suppose you’re right. I suppose our universe could also be inside a balloon at the birthday party of some life form in another universe. They say the universe is expanding. Maybe the balloon is in the process of being blown up.”

She unhooked her foot and moved her toes around to the front of my leg.

“Yes, that is also possible, until we rule it out.”

I nodded. “We need to get someone to do the math on that theory.”

She was petting my foot with hers, then she moved up to my ankle. She started poking her toes into my pant leg again. She smiled very asymmetrically, with her eyes twinkling, and her head tilted one way, then the other as she spoke.

“I think it’s a little early to call it a theory Brian.”

“Well, my hypothesis.”

After we finished eating we continued chatting and playing footsies a little longer. I didn’t check the time but I knew it was past the end of my half-hour lunch break. There’s a remote chance that my boss would eventually notice if work wasn’t getting done.

Reluctantly I said, “Well, I have to get back to work. It was nice having lunch with you, I hope we can do it again some time.”

She smiled, “I hope so too Brian.”

Her toes left my pant leg.




On Wednesday there was no question what I was doing for lunch, I went to the cafe. As I walked in I looked around, hoping the woman I met Tuesday would be there again. I heard someone say my name. I looked and saw that she was at a table next to the wall. She smiled and waved at me. I waved back and got in line to get my lunch.

When I received my food I walked over to her. Her eyes were twinkling and her smile was shy and lopsided, the same as on Tuesday.

“Hi Brian.”

I smiled back at her as I sat down. “Hi, it’s nice to see you again.”

She mentioned that many stars are part of a pair of stars. We talked about what it would be like if our sun had been part of a pair, and what it would be like to live in a star cluster.

I quickly found one of her feet. I bumped her foot with mine a couple times, then rubbed my foot against her ankle. She didn’t seem to notice. I thought maybe she wasn’t going to play footsies. Then I realized her foot was slithering slowly against the inside of my thigh. We continued the flirting, footsies, and astrophysics where we had left off the day before.




On Thursday when I went to the cafe I didn’t see her there, but I was a few minutes early. I was sitting down with my food when she walked in. She quickly spotted me and we smiled and waved while she got in line to get her food.

When she got her food she sat down with her usual smile.

“Hi Brian.”


She always remembered my name, but I had forgotten hers. I think she had only told me her name once. Still, I didn’t want to tell her I had forgotten. Was it Courtney? Cynthia? Britney? Sharon?

“I’m really embarrassed to have to ask you this. I mean, we’ve had lunch twice already. I guess I’m not good at remembering names, even the ones I try to make a point of remembering. I know you told me, but what is your name again?”

She smiled and said, “Alice.”

We quietly began eating our lunches.

I had to assume she thought I was available. Of course, Beverly was by no means a permanent part of my life.

I felt her leg against mine, moving slowly. We casually rubbed our ankles and the lower part of our legs together.

I had to let her know that I had a girlfriend. She had moved her toes to the inside of my leg, moving up against my calf muscle, then across my knee, and down the outside of my leg.

It simply wouldn’t be fair for her to continue thinking I was available, and I hated not being forthright with her. But I also hated the idea of letting her know because then she might stop having lunch with me, and the possibility of having something more than lunch and footsies with her might be gone forever.

Now all I could feel, just barely, was that she must have one toe pressed lightly against my leg, above my knee, and slowly moving further between my legs.

Maybe it didn’t matter. Maybe I could become available if necessary, and she wouldn’t need to know that I ever had a girlfriend.

“Alice there are places on the planet Mercury where you can see the sun rise and fall twice in the same day.”

I became aware that there was something pressing against my balls.

She studied me with a suspicious look on her face for a long moment. “How is that possible?”

“Well how many times does the Earth rotate on its axis in one year?”

She answered, “Three hundred sixty-five, and a quarter.”

I slowly shook my head in disappointment.

I felt her toe lightly moving from my balls up my cock. I tried not to think about the fact that we were in the middle of the cafe and people would be able to see what she was doing.

She looked at me with a smile, “That’s too ridiculous, it must be true. You wouldn’t make up something like that. I don’t know what Earth’s rotation has to do with Mercury, but you can’t outsmart me. I will always win in the end.”

My dick was becoming hard but at the moment there was no more foot action.

I gave her a sober look. “Well I don’t know, I think it depends on the game.”

One side of her smile was stretched out wide and the other side was tugging outwards as well. Her head was tilted at a naughty angle. “I might have tricks you don’t know about.”

“Well I’m resilient. I have stamina that would help me with all kinds of naughty tricks, even from you Alice.”

“I hope so Brian.”

She looked back down at the table for a moment, and then asked, “How does the sun rise and set twice on Mercury?”

“Mercury has an eccentric orbit. And it orbits almost as fast as it rotates. So when Mercury is farther from the sun, the sun moves across the sky slowly, and when Mercury is closer to the sun the sun moves across the sky even slower; in fact it slows down so much that it goes backwards briefly. Mercury’s orbit is faster closer to the sun, and the speed of its rotation doesn’t quite keep up.”

As I spoke I felt her toes above my knee, sliding up my thigh, then the arch of her foot, then her heel; the whole bottom of her foot was slithering against my leg.

She looked unsure. “Why does it happen at sunrise and sunset?”

“You have to be at one of the two areas on Mercury where the sun happens to move backwards right at sunrise and again at sunset.”

Her toes reached the top of my leg, and she reached her toes over until they found my almost erect cock. She moved her toes back and forth over my cock. It became completely erect.

She was giving this lots of thought. “It happens at sunrise and sunset on the same day, and at specific locations on Mercury?”

I nodded. “Yeah. Certain longitudes.”

She was quiet for a moment. She moved her toes slowly up and down my boner. I hooked my finger into her sock.

“Then it would have to orbit the sun twice every day,” she declared, as if she had outsmarted me.

I nodded again. “Yes.”

She looked surprised. “It orbits twice as fast as it rotates?”

I pushed my finger deeper into her sock, pushing the sock down some.

“It orbits twice for every three rotations.”

“That doesn’t make sense Brian.”

I put a second finger into her sock, and pushed her sock down so the back of her heel was exposed.

“Yes it does Alice. If it didn’t rotate at all the sun would still move across Mercury’s sky, once each year, but the opposite direction. A year would be the same as a day.”

I continued pushing her sock off. Her bare heel was against my balls. She was quiet.

I explained, “So you have to subtract two, and you get one day for two years.”

I rubbed my fingers against her toes, and her sock came off in my hand. I put her sock in my pocket. Her naked foot was pressed against my boner.

She was deep in thought for a moment. “So you subtract two for the orbit, and you’re left with one rotation.” She smiled. “Very nice Brian. As soon as I get home I’m going to read about Mercury.”

She was wiggling her toes against my boner. I moved my fingers slowly back and forth over the top of her foot and wondered how likely we were to get kicked out of the cafe.

She asked, “Are you concerned that Mercury might explode from being too close to the sun?”

I thought about whether to give her back her sock today, or fill it with cum and give it back on Friday.

I answered, “I’m not sure. Maybe someday it’ll be submerged into the sun.”

She smiled her lusty, lopsided smile, “I hope it’ll stay hard for a while before it becomes molten.”

Now she was starting to steadily work her toes against my boner.

“I suppose it will last for at least a little while. It has lots of iron in it.”

Her lopsided smile and twinkling eyes made her look both very innocent and very naughty at the same time.

“Does it have an iron core?”

I pulled her sock back out of my pocket. I didn’t want to come right there in the cafe, in my pants, and I was starting to think if she continued what she was doing for much longer it might actually happen.

“Yes, and I think it’s better that it doesn’t have any volcanic activity for the time being.”

I pulled her toes back away from my boner, and she held her foot still while I slipped her sock onto her toes.

“I don’t mind a volcano Brian. All that lava.”

“Maybe later. A volcano is much better at the right time and place.”

She wiggled her toes into the sock while I pulled it the rest of the way onto her foot. “Yes, maybe later.” She was obviously delighted by all of this.

She was at the cafe again on Friday. I was glad we were making a habit of it, and also glad that my co-workers didn’t go to this cafe very often.

The end of chapter 2 of the novel The Point of No Return

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