I stepped out of the door of my apartment building on a Saturday morning. I looked, I listened. Birds were chirping, a good sign. I started walking through the dusty streets of my city, Zeboim. I walked through several blocks of residential neighborhood and then turned onto the main drag in that part of town.

A woman walking in front of me was approached by two nicely dressed women.

“Good morning ma’am. We have a message of hope from Jesus Christ-”

She cut them off loudly: “Get behind me Jesus, in the name of Satan!”

The two women stared at her in horror, and quickly walked past her. They attempted to quickly pull themselves together and approached me with fragile smiles.

“Good morning sir. We have a message of hope from Jesus Christ-”

I pointed at the lady in front of me. “What she said.”

They looked overwhelmed with discouragement as I walked past them.

I passed some stores and other businesses for a couple blocks. One of them was a drugstore that was inside what must have been a beautiful theater at one time.

A young dark haired woman was walking towards me, as she approached I realized she was smiling at me. She was pretty. She had a shy, lopsided smile. She said hello, her eyes twinkling at me, as she gave a little wave with her fingers. I said hello back as we passed. We both turned to continue smiling at each other for another second, before we kept walking. I wondered what it was all about. Had she mistaken me for someone else? She didn’t appear uncertain, and had a close look at me. I decided she probably thought I was attractive. I suppose I might have talked to her if I hadn’t had a girlfriend.

I felt sure I didn’t know her. But I felt like I had just seen her, at some point this morning earlier in my walk. I thought about it and realized there had been a slender woman with dark hair that had come out of the doorway of a used bookstore a few blocks back. Her face had been turned towards me briefly before she turned and walked ahead of me. It was at a distance, and I wasn’t paying much attention to her, but it may have been the same woman.

So I experienced a couple odd encounters, but nothing serious, and I felt mostly unscathed. It was morning; the real weirdos and zombies come out mostly in the afternoon and evening. Weird, disturbing shit is always happening in Zeboim, especially when you’re least expecting it.

I arrived at our usual coffee shop and spotted my girlfriend as soon as I walked in. She’s easy to spot; all you have to do is look for the shape of the massive milk melons in her shirt. She generally keeps them pretty well covered up, but it’s impossible to hide a shape like that.

My girlfriend, Beverly, was average height for a woman, had black hair, and her body was a package of smooth round curves. She thinks she’s fat but I disagree; she looks proportionate and healthy. More than once I saw other men in the coffee shop assessing her curves like connoisseurs. They weren’t obvious about it but I still noticed them doing it. It’s not unusual; if I watch for it I can often spot men giving Beverly at least a quick once over.

Sometimes a man will be less subtle and check her out openly, and might even make a comment to us. Beverly usually gets irritated by attention from men, and complains that they are obsessed with her boobs. I’ve tried to tell her it’s not just her tits they’re interested in but I don’t think she believes me. I feel pretty sure after obsessing over her tits those men would eventually want to get the rest of her naked as well, particularly her big round ass.

We ate breakfast and looked at my map of the forest outside Zeboim. We decided where to go hiking. I’d purposely chosen to live in the part of town near the forest so I could make a quick escape if I needed to. But today I had walked in a direction that was more towards the center of town to meet Beverly and have breakfast first. Zeboim is on the edge of a mountain range, most of which has been protected as a large park. Several trails meander deep into the mountains along with three creeks. The three creeks fall into Moonshine Lake, a narrow lake that lies between Zeboim and the mountains. Then out of the lake flows Zeboim Creek. Zeboim Creek continues through the middle of the city and goes a good distance before merging with another river.

The people of Zeboim seem to be largely unaware of the trails in the park. But I wasn’t about to stand on a busy corner downtown preaching about their city’s best kept secret; I enjoyed feeling like I had the entire trail to myself when I went hiking.

We finished eating and left the coffee shop, to walk back through town a bit, in the direction of a footbridge that crossed Moonshine Lake and its glen. Once we were on the other side of the footbridge we would be in the park, and we would be in Gomorrah.

Gomorrah was a small ghost town, and if you looked you could find the ruins of some of its buildings amongst the trees, in addition to a stone church that was still in good condition. It was the area where a few of the trails started.

A few blocks after leaving the coffee shop we started passing tired looking apartment buildings. Zeboim is a large city, but not a major city, and now mostly forgotten by the rest of the world. There was a time when people came to Zeboim faster than the houses and apartment buildings could be built, people eager to be part of a glamourous city of promise. And for a while Zeboim enthusiastically fulfilled its promises, providing things like peace, love, good jobs, excitement, and health, to anyone who was willing to give their best in return. But decades ago the murmuring started; there were some who dared to suggest that the great city was no longer keeping its promises.

We turned onto another road. On this road the active businesses were scattered between vacant lots and abandoned buildings. We were heading towards a looming ghost of decay known as The Field.

The Field was a vast expanse of grass, and some areas of young forest, with a grid of deteriorating streets, abandoned churches, and two developments of houses that had never been lived in. There were also sparsely scattered houses that were still lived in, but it was generally agreed that anyone who lived in The Field was crazy.

From what I’ve heard it started when a couple neighborhoods disappeared, with just a few ghostly traces remaining. People had started fleeing as if to escape from some invisible plague. The area quickly swallowed up a couple more neighborhoods, alarmingly close to the center of town. People started referring to it as The Field, and it had been slowly growing ever since.

Beverly and I passed a couple gas stations that were still in business, then more abandoned lots, and some abandoned factories, one of which took up an entire block. We were now very close to The Field. Actually, there was no clearly defined boundary between The Field and the rest of Zeboim, and some would say where we were walking was part of The Field.

We turned onto another road and were in a residential neighborhood. We saw a small, green, tired looking Japanese car at the end of a driveway. I pointed out the sign on the car. “Look at that little car. The sign says a hundred dollars or best offer, still runs.”

Beverly laughed and said, “Yeah, I wonder how long it’s had the for sale sign on it. Who would be crazy enough to buy a car like that?”

I couldn’t help smiling a bit. “Actually, I’ve been thinking of getting a cheap car, I want to check it out.”

I started walking up the driveway. After a few steps I turned and looked at Beverly. She was still standing on the sidewalk, with a confused and disoriented look on her face, like she had just swallowed a golf ball whole.

“You’re serious?”

“Yeah,” I replied, smirking at her.

After a moment she cautiously started walking up the driveway, as if there were mines underneath.

I walked up to the door of the house and knocked. Beverly stood several steps behind me, looking lost. A minute later a guy came to the door.

“Hi, I saw the car with the for sale sign. Is it still in all right shape?”

“Yeah, it still runs okay, it’s just older than dirt.”

“Well I don’t need anything fancy, as long as it’ll get me from one place to another, you know?”

“Yeah it’s in pretty good shape actually. It’s just really old, and I finally decided to get something newer. But it still runs pretty good.”

I nodded. “I think I’d like to take it for a test drive around the block.”

“Sure. I’ll go get the key. Just a second.”

He left and returned a moment later and handed me a key.

“Thanks. We’ll just take it around the block once or twice.”

“Go ahead and take it around town a bit. Take it on the highway too.”

“All right, thanks.”

I started to walk away.

“Hey,” the guy called from behind me.

I turned around and looked back at him.

“It’s a manual transmission.”


I walked to the car with Beverly and we got in. I started to drive the car away. I turned at the first intersection.

I glanced at Beverly a few times. She looked confused and worried. But that was often how she looked. Or at least when she was with me. She kept looking at the gear shift. After a couple blocks I turned in the direction of the main drag.

Beverly asked, “Brian what are you doing?”

I thought it was obvious that I was taking the car for a test drive. “Well I’m going to drive it around this residential area a bit and then I’ll probably take it on the main drag.”

“What is that?” She asked.

“What is what?”

“That thing you keep putting your hand on.”

“That’s the gear shift.”

“This car has gears?”

“All cars have gears Beverly. Well except for electric cars maybe.” I pointed at the gear shift. “See, one shift, two shift, red shift, blue shift. And there’s fifth gear and reverse. This car is manual.” I slowed down as I approached a red light.

Beverly had turned a bit pink. “Well yeah I know it has gears. I just mean I don’t think I’ve ever been in one that was manual.”

The light turned green, so instead of coming to a stop I accelerated. “Yeah, well, it runs. So I’ll probably buy it.”

My words were punctuated by a loud bang. Beverly jumped and shrieked so violently that without the seatbelt I think she would have hit her head on the ceiling of the car. I started laughing.

Beverly’s eyes darted around in a state of panic. “Brian! Did you hear that? Someone shot a gun!”

I started laughing even more. Finally I said, “I don’t think it was a gunshot, I think it was the car.”

“The car?” Her eyes opened even wider.

“Yeah, it backfired.”

“Brian you can’t buy this car!”

“It’s probably fine, I’ll probably buy the car.”

After a few blocks on the main drag I turned back towards the guy’s house. Other than the backfire the car seemed to run smoothly.

“Yup, it runs. Sold.”

“Brian this car will cost more to maintain than what you paid for it!”

I shrugged, “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I’ll see how much I can get out of this car.”

I slowed in front of the house, but then kept going and continued past the house.

This whole event was causing Beverly to be entirely beside herself. “Brian you should pay the guy!”

I muttered, “Fuck it, what’s the difference?”

“Brian!” Beverly looked at me with her eyes and mouth gaping.

I went two more blocks, then turned left and parked it in a hotel parking lot. “Stay here, I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Brian! Don’t leave me alone in a stolen car!”

I closed the door and walked into the hotel lobby. I knew there was an ATM machine in the hotel. I went over to it and took out some cash.

I stuck the money in my pocket and walked back to the car.

Beverly asked, “What were you doing in there?”

“I reserved a room and called an agency for a couple hookers. They’ll be arriving within half an hour.” It was far too easy to fuck with Beverly’s head, and I had given up trying to restrain myself.

Beverly stared at me for a long moment.

“You did not.”

“Sure I did. What do you think I was doing in there?”

Beverly stared blankly through the windshield and muttered, “Why do I put up with this?”

“We have to celebrate, I just bought, uh, I mean, acquired, a new car. We’ll get some booze and then go back to the hotel in time to meet the hookers.”

Beverly shook her head slightly, still staring out the window. I wonder what she thought I was actually doing.

We drove back silently to where I had found the car. I got out and knocked on the guy’s door. He came to the door after a short moment.

“I’d like to buy it,” I said, and held the cash out to him.

“All right, well, she’s all yours!”

He took the money without looking at it.

“Yeah, well I didn’t notice any problems, it ran smoothly.”

“Thanks. It sure is going to be strange not to have that car anymore. I’ve had it for a long time. Well, I hope it keeps running for a while for you. Thanks again.”

“Yeah, thanks.” I got back in the car and drove away.

Beverly said, “Sometimes I don’t understand you Brian. You could get a better car with a much better value.”

“A better value? This car only cost a hundred dollars! It’s a great value. Hell, with some luck this car could be a really great value!”

“Brian this car is junk! What are you going to do, take it to a junkyard, and see if you can get more than a hundred dollars for all the parts?”

“A junkyard? Fuck that!”

“So I have a boyfriend who drives a piece of junk that could explode at any time. I’m so embarrassed.”

“Junk.” I repeated quietly while shaking my head. My new car at least deserved to be given a chance.

“Beverly you should be happy. The whole point is I can avoid the wrong kind of women this way.”

“The wrong kind of women? No women will be interested in you if you drive a car like this!”

“Well it’ll save me a lot of hassle then. The whole point is, if I drive this car, they’ll think I don’t have any money.”

“But Brian you don’t have any money!”

“Well I don’t want there to be any question. They’ll be able to tell at a glance. Before I even get out of the car they’ll already know not to bat their false eyelashes at me.”

Beverly looked stunned, she appeared to be in a state of total perplexity. After attempting to figure it all out for a moment, she finally said, “Brian you already have a girlfriend anyway.”

“Well, better late than never.”

We had only been together for a couple of months, and I didn’t consider the status of our relationship to be anywhere near permanent or semi-permanent. Beverly was also starting to become a nag, and if she continued, the relationship wasn’t going to last much longer.

I started driving in the direction of the road that went into the park. “I do want to celebrate though. I’m pretty happy about getting this car.”

“So get a bottle of wine or something when we get finished hiking.”

I don’t think she shared my enthusiasm for the car.

“Well when you get a new car you’re supposed to fuck in the backseat or something. It doesn’t really feel like it’s yours until you do.”

“Brian I don’t think I could even get into the back seat. How can anyone have sex in this car?”

I didn’t know either. If she had been a petite woman I guess we could have figured out some way of doing it, but it would be a struggle just to find room for Beverly’s tits in anything other than the sitting position the car was designed for.

“We’ll figure it out somehow,” I answered.

“Why don’t we just have sex after we go hiking, at home?”

“We’ll do that too. I just want to have a quickie in the car. Obviously it’s not an ideal place to have sex, but it’s just sort of the principle of the matter, you know?”

“Then where are we going to do it where people won’t see us?”

“Maybe we could turn onto a quiet street and park at the side of the road.”

“Why don’t I just give you a blowjob at the parking area at the beginning of the trail.”

“Well, that’s not really the same thing. And people could see us there too, we could get in trouble. We’ll go to a parking garage, there probably won’t be many people in the parking garages on the weekend.”

“The parking garages are all downtown.”

“Yeah we’ll go downtown.”

I enjoyed knowing that on the weekend when there wasn’t as much traffic downtown, what would be a half hour walk would only be a five-minute drive. I turned the car around on a side street and headed towards the center of town.

“Brian do you have any condoms?” Beverly asked.

“No. Check the glove compartment.”

“It’s empty.”

“That’s too bad. You know, when you buy a new car there should always be some condoms, a bottle of rum, and a shot glass in the glove compartment. It should be like a standard thing. It’s all right, considering how cheap the car was. I’ll buy some condoms. I’m running out of them anyway.”

“Why are you running out of them?”

“Beverly, we’ve been using them.”

“Not really that many.”

I rolled my eyes. I thought I wasn’t supposed to have to deal with this sort of nonsense if I didn’t get married.

“It’s been a while since I bought a new box, there are only a few left.”

As we got closer to the center of town I pulled into the parking lot of a drugstore and bought some condoms. Then we entered a nearby parking garage.

“Look it’s half empty, and this is the ground floor. I was right, no one comes downtown on the weekend. Farther up the garage is probably empty.”

I kept driving, up a couple more levels, but the garage was still only half empty. In fact, there were some people walking around as well.

Beverly said, “Brian I don’t think this is a good idea, look at all the cars.”

“I think there are still several more levels, let’s see how the rest of it looks.”

As we got closer to the top it thinned out a lot, and then suddenly we were on a level with only a few cars on it. Then on the next level, just one car.

“Look Beverly, just one car, we have the place to ourselves. No one is going to come up here. Let’s just start with a blowjob and see how it goes.”

I tilted the seat back while Beverly took out my cock. It quickly became hard in Beverly’s soft mouth. She was twirling her tongue around the head, and she started moving her mouth up and down on it as it got harder.

I pulled off her shirt and bra while she sucked my dick. I held and squeezed her tits to help reduce the strain on her back.

I suggested, “How ’bout I get out and stand next to the passenger seat with the door open?”

“Sure, that might be easier for me.”

I walked around to the passenger side and opened the door. I rested my arms against the top of the car while she took my dick into her mouth. Her blowjobs are usually pretty good because they’re wet and tender. It always makes my dick really hard.

“Don’t forget my balls.”

I felt her open lips on my balls and she carefully sucked my balls into her mouth, while she stroked my cock with her hand. Then I didn’t feel her mouth or her hand. She was getting onto her hands and knees.

She started bobbing on my cock again, and taking it deeper into her mouth. I let her tits spill over my hand. I squeezed each of her tits and rolled her nipples around between my thumb and finger.

I said, “Turn around. Stay like that, but facing the other way.”

She turned around and was still on all fours in the seat, with her butt towards me now. I unfastened her pants and pushed them down her butt, along with her panties. I moved my hands all over her big butt and thick thighs, and down to her pussy. I rubbed her clit in hard little circles. I slid my thumb inside and squeezed and rubbed her pussy, with her clit in the palm of my hand.

“Move back a bit more.”

She shuffled back so her knees were on the edge of the seat, her feet sticking off the seat between my legs.

I eased my boner into her pussy until I was in up to the balls. It was already hot and steamy in there. I knew it would be a smooth ride inside her silky pussy as long as I started slow. I felt her getting more slick after just a few strokes, and started spreading her velvety pussy flesh with my boner a little faster. My dick was swelling even more. I continued fucking her at that moderate pace so I could keep going for at least a little while longer.

I asked her if she wanted to get out of the car.

She asked, “Do you think anyone will see us?”

“I don’t think so. There’s only this one other car here, there’s no reason for anyone to come up here.”

She pulled her pants off and came out of the car naked. She turned and put her hands on the car.

“Against the car and spread ’em.” I pushed her gently but firmly against the car.

She giggled. “But officer, I didn’t do anything!”

“I don’t give a damn.” I looked down at her boobs squished up against the window of the car. Beverly should run a carwash; she wouldn’t need to buy sponges.

She opened up her legs and I slid my dick into her pussy. I kept her tits pinned to the car and fucked her deep. The sound of our skin slapping together reverberated inside the car garage. I felt pussy juice trickling onto my balls on every stroke. Sometimes Beverly gets a little too wet.

“Do you want to sit on the hood?” I asked her.

“All right.” She started to get on the hood of the car, but the curb was right in front of the car, I didn’t have anywhere to stand.

“Hold on a second, let me back the car up.”

I got in the car and backed it up. Beverly sat on the edge of the hood. This way I could jam my dick into her at a good stiff angle. I grabbed her legs and picked her butt up and pulled her towards me even more. I let her rest her legs against my shoulders and slid my dick in. When she puts her thick legs on my shoulders it makes me worried that I could lose my balance and fall over, but I guess if I made sure to fall forward onto her tits I’d be fine.

I had to thrust into her pretty hard, so I could make her tits jiggle. She let out a little whimper on each thrust. Pussy juice was dripping off my balls onto the bumper of the car. I kept pumping against her g-spot at a steady rhythm to see how much pussy juice I could get out of her. It became almost a steady trickle, out of her pussy, down her ass crack, cascading onto the car’s bumper and onto the concrete floor.

When there was a small puddle of pussy juice on the floor, I had her lean over the hood with her tits hanging down and her butt sticking out at me.

“Spread your legs wider, and arch your back.”

I took a couple steps away and stared at her tits hanging down.

“Beverly you look great.”

She smiled but was pink with embarrassment.

“You should be one of those models that poses with cars.”

“I don’t think they would hire me for something like that, I don’t look that good.”

“They would be idiots not to. You look fucking great.”

I slid my dick into her and started to pump her pussy. Out of habit I fucked her somewhat hard and rough, just right to make her tits jiggle and swing. Several times I had brought her into the bathroom and leaned her over in front of the mirror so I could watch her tits while I fucked her. I had developed the technique just right to make her tits swing like a pair of pendulums gone berserk.

Her moans reverberated inside the parking garage on each thrust. I was able to see a reflection of her tits in the windshield.

I glanced up and saw a car had driven onto our level. It slowed almost to a stop.

“Oh my god,” Beverly whimpered. She tilted her head down and was turning pink.

The driver rolled down the window and was staring at Beverly, more specifically at her tits, as he kept the car moving at only a snail’s pace. I kept fucking Beverly with the same technique to make her tits swing and jiggle as much as possible. The driver looked away for a second. Then he held a cell phone out the window of the car, pointed directly at us. As the car crawled closer I could see there was another man in the passenger seat. When the car passed behind my car they still tried to look through the rear window and windshield of my car, which were pretty clean. They still weren’t in any hurry when they had gotten past the back of my car and could see us clearly again, though they had to turn their necks. Beverly’s pussy was starting to make noises from being too wet. When the two guys finally reached the end of the row where they had to turn and continue behind us, they took their time at the turn, getting a look at us from the side. They finally started moving faster when they were almost behind us. Then the driver put the cellphone away and finally the car started moving faster. Apparently they weren’t interested in looking at my ass.

As they drove out of sight I heard the driver say, “I could watch those titties all day.”

“That was annoying,” Beverly grumbled.

“Yeah. Well they’re gone now.” Fortunately Beverly couldn’t see my smirk. I thought the whole thing was amusing and had enjoyed showing off her tits.

Beverly complained, “I mean, if they want to have a quick look then fine, but god, just staring like that, and recording us with the phone, that was really rude.”

“Well, we chose to have sex in a public place, they can do what they want.”

“But for them to stare at us like that? They could try to at least be polite about it.”

“Well that’s just the risk we take having sex in a car garage. I didn’t think anyone would come through here, but I guess I was wrong. It’s no big deal. They obviously don’t mind us doing this here, they aren’t going to complain or get us into any trouble.”

“What if someone else drives through?”

“We’re almost done anyway. How about you lie across the front seat with the door open? Then if someone comes they’ll just see me standing, they won’t even see you. With some luck they might not even realize what we’re doing cause the door will block their view, at least before they go around the turn.”

Beverly lay back across the front seat with her butt hanging over the edge of the seat. I slid my dick in and started pumping her slick pussy. It wasn’t a great position, but after a minute I started to get the hang of it. I was leaning against the top of the car and couldn’t see Beverly’s tits jiggling, but I pumped down into her pretty hard anyway so she made a little whimper on each thrust.

I was really getting into it, but suddenly my dick got bent to the side instead of going straight in. The car was moving underneath me. I almost fell onto the windshield.

“Beverly put the car into gear!”

“Brian the car’s moving!”

I grabbed the doorframe and hobbled as fast as I could to keep up with the moving car, my pants around my knees. The car started to turn into the slope of the garage. I held my hand hard inside the top of the car and managed to get it to come to a stop.

“Beverly pull the handbrake.”

“Brian what’s happening?”

“You must have bumped the gearshift.”

“I didn’t do anything!”

“Beverly just pull the handbrake.”

“It’s underneath me.”

Beverly pulled the handbrake. I cautiously let go of the car, and went around to the driver’s side and got in, and drove the car back into the parking spot.

“Brian what happened?”

“You must have bumped the gearshift.”

“I didn’t do anything!”

“This has to stay in gear. If you bump it and push it out of gear the car can just roll.”

“Brian that’s dangerous! See if you can give the car back to that guy and get your money back!”

“Beverly it’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with the car. You must have bumped the gear shift, and your tits were probably jiggling around too much and caused the car to start rolling.”

“Why does everything have to be about my tits?”

I shrugged. “Anything with a large mass will create a curvature in space-time.”

Beverly stared at me blankly.

“Gravity. Your tits have a gravitational pull.”

“My tits aren’t big enough to have gravity.”

“Beverly your tits are huge. You don’t feel the gravitational pull between your tits and Earth?”

She wasn’t able to hide a smile. “Okay Brian.”

“Do you want to hang your head off the edge of the seat and suck my dick for a minute, and then we’ll go hiking?”


I got up and she started to lie down towards the driver’s seat. I saw the gear shift sticking up between her legs, almost bumping against her pussy. “Wait a second. Pull the handbrake.”

She pulled the handbrake, and lay down on her back with her head on the edge of the driver’s seat. I put my dick in her mouth, it quickly firmed back up to a full boner as she wrapped her mouth around it. I gently fucked her mouth. Pretty soon I started to feel like I was going to come. I put my balls in her mouth. She wrapped her lips around my balls and I felt her licking them. I took her hand and brought it to my boner, and guided her to jerk me off while she sucked my balls. I liked the feel of Beverly’s hand around my dick, and I stayed close to coming. I held back as long as I could, and just when I knew I was about to come I turned around and leaned against the car. My cum shot out and sprinkled all over the floor of the garage in front of me.

We put our clothes back on and got back in the car. As we drove down through the garage, one level above the ground floor I noticed a security camera over the elevator, placed to get a look at people walking to the elevator or the stairs. On the ground floor there was another camera in a similar location. I couldn’t remember exactly how we were positioned in relation to the elevator on the level where we fucked, so I don’t know whether a security camera captured us. I didn’t mention the cameras to Beverly.

I felt satisfied that the car was now truly mine. I certainly couldn’t return the thing now that Beverly’s sweat and pussy juice was all over it.

We drove out to the park. I pulled into the small paved lot where one of the trails starts, and we began hiking.




The forest is always refreshing, it’s a real contrast to the ugly dullness of Zeboim. In the spring especially, everywhere the forest is a bright yellow-green from the new leaves starting to grow on the trees, and on the ground from the ferns starting to grow over last year’s dead leaves.

Soon the trail reached the creek.

I stopped walking and spoke quietly. “A lot of water in the creek, from all the rain we had, all the rocks are under water. And the water is so murky. Last time we could see right into the water; we could see the fish.”

Beverly asked, “Why are you talking so quietly? It’s not like we need to be secretive about it. There’s not anyone around who can hear us anyway.”

“The chipmunks can hear us.”

“The chipmunks Brian?”

“Yeah. You know, the ones stomping around like they own the place. See, the way you’re talking loudly, and when you make noise by walking through the leaves instead of on the mossy areas, you’re scaring the chipmunks.”

“I’m not scaring the chipmunks Brian.”

“Yes you are. Did you hear all those chirping sounds when we were walking back there?”

“Yeah, the birds.”

“No, those are chipmunks, they make those chirping sounds, warning each other to stay away from the noisy human. It’s tricky to get pictures of the chipmunks even when I’m by myself.”

I wasn’t actually hoping to get any pictures of chipmunks. I had simply gotten in the habit of trying to be quiet while hiking.

We started walking again, following the trail next to the creek.

Beverly stopped and shrieked. She stood petrified, staring at the ground.

“Stay quiet, and take one big step backwards,” I instructed her.

Beverly quickly took a big step backwards. I got my camera out and approached the spot she had stepped back from.

I looked around. “Is it still there?”

“Brian there’s a snake!”

“Oh there it is.” I saw it not too far from where Beverly had shrieked, well camouflaged against the brown leaves. It was partially coiled, with its head up, sniffing the air with its forked tongue. It was probably about the length of my arm. I took a picture.

“I almost stepped on it!” Beverly said.

“Yeah, I’ve almost stepped on a few when hiking over the last couple years,” I said.

“Are they poisonous?” Beverly asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Do you know what kind of snake it is?” She asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t know much about snakes. Do you want to catch it?”

“No, leave it alone!”

Beverly kept to the other side of the trail as she scurried past the snake.

“If it’s a garter snake you could wrap it around your leg and use it as a garter belt.”

Beverly tried to hide a smile, and we continued walking.

The trail stayed next to the creek for a while, then gradually started climbing the side of the glen. We stopped briefly and watched a heron sneaking around at the edge of the creek, stepping carefully among the rocks with its long legs, and slowly craning its long neck one way for a moment, and then the other way.

We slowly got farther away from the creek, and after a little while we could barely catch glimpses of the sun reflecting off the water through the trees. After walking through the forest for a bit we reached a sunny area that was dominated more by bushes and grass, and the trees were scattered out sparsely. It was about a quarter of the way up the side of the glen, and we could see the glen for some distance in both directions. We could see the creek as it snaked its way through the glen it had created over eons of erosion.

This was the point we had planned to turn around at. We had a snack, and I took a couple pictures. A small family of ducks paddled by. I took a picture of the ducks, and we started walking back.

Just after the trail reached the bottom of the glen and went next to the creek three guys were walking towards us, probably in their twenties. I thought it would be fun if Beverly showed them her tits. I wanted to mention it to her but they were approaching too quickly for me to have time to say anything. They walked by and I waited for them to get ahead of us a bit.

Earlier we had passed a slender guy, probably in his fifties or sixties, wearing glasses, jeans, and a leather jacket. But not a biker type of leather jacket. He looked like the type that listened to Zeboim’s public radio station.

“Remember that guy we passed a little while ago with the glasses and leather coat?”


“Let’s let him catch up to us, and offer to show him your tits.”

“What? No! Brian, you know how awkward that would be?”

“It’s just harmless fun. Nothing bad can happen, you can’t catch anything from it. It’ll probably make his day. Take off your shirt and your bra, and put your coat back on. Then when he catches up to us, ask him if he wants to see your tits, and you can slowly unzip your coat, as much or as little as you want. And let him slide his hand in there too if you want.”

“Brian I don’t do that sort of thing.”

I thought it was a shame that more people didn’t get a chance to see Beverly’s tits naked or mostly naked, and have a feel. We finished hiking, and drove back to Beverly’s apartment.




We walked into the apartment Beverly shared with one other woman, Selene, who I had not met. I sat down in a chair. Beverly poured a glass of water for me and one for herself and sat down in the other chair.

I drank half the water in the glass, and asked Beverly about my cousin’s wedding the following Saturday.

“My cousin said it would be okay for me to bring someone to her wedding. It’s a bit of a drive, so we’ll have to leave in the middle of the day. Of course, you won’t know a single person there other than me. I don’t want you to feel like you have to go. I can tell her you had to work.”

“I’ll go. It’ll be a way for me to meet your family.”

“That’s true. I’ll have to pick you up probably just after lunch, unless you want to eat lunch on the way.”

“Brian how are we getting there?”

“I’m going to take the highway around the mountains, there aren’t any other ways really.”

“You’re going to drive that little car?”

The door to the other bedroom opened. A young woman silently came through the doorway and into the room. She was pretty, and had long dark hair. She stood across the room behind the couch, one of her hands resting lightly on the back of the couch. The air in the room suddenly felt very thick. I tried to pretend I hadn’t noticed her.

“My new car? Yeah, of course.”

“Brian you only just got it, you don’t know how well it runs!”

“It seems to run fine.”

“But we’re going to be out in the middle of nowhere, the car will break down and we’ll be stranded out in East Jesus!”

When Beverly stopped talking the woman spoke in a calm smooth voice. “Beverly here is the book you wanted from the library.”

“Thanks, just leave it on the table. Selene this is my boyfriend Brian. Brian this is my roommate Selene.”

“Hello Brian,” Selene said, her eyes resting on me briefly.

“Hi Selene.” I glanced at her for less than a second. I wanted to appear polite but uninterested, to avoid anything that might disturb Beverly’s jealousy. An impossible balance. I’m afraid I came across as cold.

Selene disappeared back into the other room and the door closed.

“Beverly I’m not worried about the car. It would probably be nicer to be stranded in the mountains for the afternoon then to go to the wedding anyway.”

The end of Chapter 1 of the novel, The Point of No Return

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