I’ve published a short story, The Faintest of Sounds! Here is a brief sample of some text:

I opened my lips wide and sucked her pussy into my mouth, moving my tongue between her lips. It made my mouth water. I had to feel the soft petals of her flesh flower around my tongue over and over again. I lapped slow and deep. I started dipping my tongue inside to taste her dewy nectar. She moaned softly and spread her smooth warm legs wider. I pushed two fingers into her and massaged her while I gave her clit a tongue bath. Gooey girl cum was coating my fingers.

About The Faintest of Sounds:

Testing the Limits of Jealousy

Brian’s new girlfriend claims she isn’t as possessive as his previous girlfriend. In the evening Brian’s girlfriend is far more interested in the poetry her visiting friend Laura has written than on the fact that Laura’s little skirt does nothing to cover her legs, or that Brian can’t keep his eyes off the view. Later that night while his girlfriend is asleep Brian decides it’s finally time to find out for sure whether his girlfriend gets jealous. This short story takes place a couple weeks after the novel, The Point of no Return.

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Here’s the beginning of The Faintest of Sounds:

I sat on the floor with my back to a chair in my girlfriend Selene’s apartment, with an astronomy textbook open in my lap. I had been about to sit in the chair but made a last second decision to sit on the floor, because I thought I might have a better angle there. Selene and her friend Laura were sitting on the couch reading poetry that Laura had written in her notebook.

In thunderstorms on Saturn lightning bolts are likely millions of times stronger than on Earth; and Laura’s legs were smooth and slender, gradually thickening into her gently rounded butt. Laura was wearing a short skirt that covered her up effectively when she was standing, but she didn’t seem to care what happened when she was sitting. I was never able to conclude whether this had something to do with me, or if it’s just the way she was. Selene is an artist and told me Laura had posed nude for her a couple times. Maybe posing nude made Laura less inhibited about showing her body, or maybe she posed because she wasn’t inhibited in the first place.

My new girlfriend Selene had soothing brown eyes, smooth brown hair, and a petite body that was slender but solid with gentle, squeezable curves.

Selene gazed lovingly at the notebook while Laura read the poetry aloud. Selene was cuddling against Laura like a kitten, a little more with each poem. She had insisted Laura bring her notebook and read us some of the poetry she was writing.

Laura has a moderately slender body, a pretty smile, and silky amber hair that flowed over her shoulders almost to her boobs.

I’m not really into poetry much, so I had opened up the astronomy textbook I borrowed from the city library, in case I became bored. Some of her poetry was romantic, some of it was about nature, things like leaves in the fall and the first snow. I did like some of the poems about nature.

I suppose Laura noticed me looking at these upskirt views eventually, it could have been immediately for all I know. I tried to be subtle about it but it’s not like I really cared if she or Selene knew I was looking. Glancing at Laura’s bare legs and butt and panty covered pussy mound just made me want to look even more. What I really wanted to do was drag my tongue against that smooth flesh.

Selene got up briefly, and Laura made herself more comfortable on the couch, pulling both her legs up. I tried to act casual but it was probably obvious why I was looking in her direction, and I couldn’t even use the half-assed disguise of conversation, since I’m horrible at making conversation. She looked back at me with her pleasant smile. I smiled but it was awkward and I started to look down at my book.

But then I did a double take; her fingers were at the edges of her panties. She pulled the panties to one side, and now I was staring right at her naked flesh flower. She had a hairless pussy with smooth silky lips on either side of darker pink, wrinkly inner lips. I grinned up at her. I started to reach over, but Selene was walking back into the room and Laura put her panties back. She was a little rushed though and left one petal of her flesh flower partially visible.

I should have pulled the panties to the side and stuck my finger in anyway, just for a second, to see if I could taste her on my finger. It would have been interesting to see Selene’s reaction; she had commented the previous week that I hadn’t had sex with anyone else in the couple weeks we’d been together. It wasn’t true, I’d had sex with a friend of mine, but I didn’t say anything about it to Selene.

I had become one of Selene’s boyfriends a few weeks earlier. Selene had a collection of sex partners. Apparently there were several men, and a few women. Actually I’d introduced her to a lesbian couple that she’d been with a couple times.

Selene encouraged me to have other partners as well. I was afraid there was some kind of catch; that some epic drama would happen if I started fucking several other women the way she encouraged me to, and she would go from being a lovely little flower to an electrically charged thundercloud.

I suppose it was an obvious weakness of mine; she was a great lover and I wanted to fuck her several times before finding out the truth. But after a few weeks I still hadn’t noticed any hint that she would turn into anything different than what she appeared to be, and I was starting to like her, not just because she was great for sex; we seemed to be developing a friendship.

Slipping a finger into Laura’s pussy while Selene watched might be a good way to finally test whether Selene really wasn’t jealous and hoped her partners would be as free with their sex lives as she encouraged us to be.

They went back to reading the poetry, and I enjoyed the view of the lower half of Laura’s body, but I started watching Selene too. I wondered whether they had sex with each other, and if they didn’t, when were they going to start?

I wondered how long it would be before Selene tried to make a move on Laura. I became more and more convinced that at any moment they were going to start kissing, the notebook would get dropped on the floor, followed by their clothes.

I was surprised and disappointed when they stopped reading the poetry and it was late enough to go to bed, and they hadn’t kissed or taken off any clothes.

I sat on the couch just after they got up. I told them I was going to read for a little while longer. I should have said, “I’m going to sit here and read a little longer, in case either of you wants to come out here and ride my boner.”

Unfortunately I neglected to make that clear, and as the minutes dragged by, I sat there alone with my book. I started to give up on the idea that Laura might come out and invite me into the guestroom or fuck me right there on the couch. I knew Selene was probably naked and waiting to seduce me in her bedroom, but it was Laura I wanted.

Eventually I got up to go to bed. Selene was lying in bed reading, with the covers part way over her naked body. I walked over to her and she got out of bed.

Our bodies and lips gently pressed together. She had my boner poking out of my pants almost immediately, and soon I was naked. I squeezed her butt and discovered she had her butt plug in. I released her lips, and said quietly, “You want me to fuck your pretty butt?”

She moved her hands to my cock and balls, and put a condom on me. “Yeah. I’m ready and lubed.”

“I want to fuck your pussy too.”


“Lie back.”

She lay back on the bed, and I slowly pushed my dick all the way into her pussy. I was only just starting to get used to how sweet and snug her pussy was, even though I had fucked her several times. She was already getting slick. I pulled back and slowly pushed in again, feeling her pussy gripping my boner in soft waves.

After a number of slow strokes I held still with my throbbing boner buried deep in her pussy, while our tongues softly flirted. Her pussy tugged softly on my cock. I had to make an effort not to come; I had gotten closer than I realized.

“You want to roll over, and I’ll put my cock in your butt now?”

Selene rolled over and I nestled my fingers between her smooth warm buns, and gripped the butt plug. I popped the butt plug out, and watched her little pucker squeeze mostly shut and then open back up. I got over top of her, and dragged the head of my cock between her buns until I could feel that it was pressed against her sweet little pucker. I slowly pushed and felt her opening around my boner. The whole head of my cock was wrapped in her tightness. I paused briefly, then pressed more, letting my cock slide into her tight butt. She doesn’t use a very big butt plug. She got up on her elbows.

I lightly rubbed my hands up and down her arched back. “Is it okay?”

“Yes, it’s good,” she quietly whimpered.

I slowly pulled back out, until her little pucker was kissing the head of my cock. I pushed back in, and started to fuck her, going in just half way, and pulling almost all the way out each time. Her little anal pucker was even sweeter than her pussy. I could hear her starting to take in deeper breaths, and she opened up her legs a little wider. I sank my teeth into her neck.

I let my cock out all the way, then back in very slowly. I heard her make a soft moan. I pushed until my belly was pressing against her buns, and her pucker wrapped around the base of my cock. I let myself almost all the way back out, and then back in, fucking her with long full strokes.

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