The Faintest of Sounds

I’ve published a short story, The Faintest of Sounds! Here is a brief sample of some text: I opened my lips wide and sucked her pussy into my mouth, moving my tongue between her lips. It made my mouth water. I had to feel the soft petals of her flesh flower around my tongue over and over again. I lapped slow and deep. I started dipping my tongue inside to taste her dewy nectar. She moaned softly and spread her smooth warm legs wider. I pushed two fingers into her and massaged her while I gave her clit a tongue bath. Gooey girl cum was coating my fingers. About The Faintest of Sounds: Testing the Limits of Jealousy Brian’s new girlfriend claims she isn’t as possessive as his previous girlfriend. In the evening Brian’s girlfriend is far more interested in the poetry her visiting friend Laura has written than on the fact that Laura’s little skirt does nothing to cover her legs, or that Brian can’t keep his eyes off the view. Later that night while his girlfriend is asleep Brian decides it’s finally time to find out for sure whether his girlfriend gets jealous. This short story takes place a couple weeks after the novel, The Point of no Return. Available as an ebook at: Smashwords Excitica Kobo A1AdultEbooks All Romance Ebooks iBooks Inktera Barnes and Noble Amazon Here’s the beginning of The Faintest of Sounds: I sat on the floor with my back to a chair in my girlfriend Selene’s apartment, with an astronomy textbook open in my lap. I had been about to sit in the chair but made a last second decision to sit on the floor, because I thought I might have a better angle there. Selene and her friend Laura were sitting on the … Read the whole story