The Point of No Return

We heard Beverly turn off her shower. I slowly extracted my tongue from the blond’s mouth, our tongues sliding and circling as I pulled out.

I whispered, “I don’t want her to see two pairs of feet if she happens to look in the gap under the door when she comes out of the shower. I’ll pick you up.”

She nodded.

I lifted her up so her chest was right at my mouth. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and gripped me above my hips with her strong legs. I moved my tongue in little circles against her nipple. I think her nipple was already hard. I opened my mouth wider and sealed my lips against her breast, sucking most of her breast into my mouth. She took a long breath as I teased her nipple with my tongue.

We heard Beverly leave the shower as I moved my mouth to the other breast. Her tits were so sweet and her nipples so hard.

When I had my fill of her sweet little tits I let her back down and got on my knees in front of her. She leaned back against the wall and spread her legs slightly.

I watched a couple drops of water drip off her pussy lips. I licked off the moisture. I put my tongue between her lips and took one long slow lick, as she moved one of her hands to the back of my head. I took full long licks, savoring the feel of her soft smooth pussy sliding against my tongue.

I pressed my tongue to the bottom of her pussy and slid my tongue inside her. Her pussy was inviting me deeper, with her smooth warm texture and intoxicating taste; it was like slipping my tongue into a jar of warm honey. I slid my tongue farther. She moved her hips forward, and held me to her pussy with her hand on the back of my head. My whole tongue was inside her, and my lips sealed against her silky smooth flesh. I looked up into her pretty blue eyes and licked inside her pussy.

With my hands on her butt, I guided her hips back and forth. She kept her hands on my head and her eyes locked on mine and started humping my mouth. I wished I could have my tongue fucked by such a delicious pussy more often.

I slowly pulled my tongue out of her, licking between her lips and up over her clit. She continued to hold the back of my head, and pushed her pussy into my mouth. I softly teased her clit with my tongue as I gazed up into her eyes. My dick was throbbing and pre-cum was trickling out.

She took my hand and guided my fingers to her pussy. I slid two fingers in and started gently rubbing her inside.

I watched her close her eyes while I licked and sucked her pussy and fingered her.

I felt my fingers being squeezed hard, and heard a stifled moan. I licked and rubbed her softly through her orgasm.

She tugged my arm. I gave her pussy a couple slow last loving licks and stood up.

She knelt in front of me, and opened her sexy lips and slid her tongue against the sensitive underside of my dick. She circled her tongue around the head of my cock a few times, then eased my boner deep into her mouth, her wet tongue pressed against the base. She closed her mouth around my cock, and slowly bobbed up and down. I smiled down into her sky blue eyes.

She pulled her lips up and gave a little lick to the head of my cock, as she took her mouth away. She replaced her mouth with her hand and began smoothly stroking my cock. She opened her lips just below my balls and pressed her tongue to the underside of my balls. She leisurely licked and caressed my balls with her tongue.

She pressed her lips gently against my left nut and slowly sucked it into her mouth, and tickled and caressed my left nut with her tongue.

She slowly let my left nut pass back out between her lips, then sucked it back in. She did this several times with my left nut and then moved on to my right nut. I think she must have heard my comment to Beverly about teabagging.

My dick throbbed as she lightly glided her hand up and down, gazed up at me with her pretty blue eyes, and sucked my left nut back into her mouth and held it there while she bathed it with her tongue.

She let my left nut fall from her lips, and slid her tongue to the base of my cock. She slowly licked up, all the way to the head. Then she lowered her mouth back down and went back to bobbing on my cock.

My boner had already been throbbing; her sexy mouth around my dick made me draw my breath in sharply to keep my cum from spurting down her throat. She stopped with her lips and tongue against the head of my cock.

“A little slower,” I murmured.

It helped, but not that much; her version of a little slower meant slower bobbing but even more caresses from her tongue. I saw the twinkle in her eyes while she watched my face, gauging how much she could get away with by how often I closed my eyes and how deep my breathing was.

Eventually I felt like it was becoming too much for me. I smiled and said, “I don’t think I can take much more.”

She made one more deep bob on my cock, softly caressing with her tongue as she slowly pulled her mouth back up. When her tongue finally left the tip of my cock she stood up and turned around, leaning back against me.

My cock and balls were pressed against the top of her ass. She rested her head against my shoulder, and brought one hand back and held the back of my head. I put my hands on either side of her hips. She tilted her head up further, our lips met.

I rubbed my hands over her erect nipples while she invited me deeper into the kiss. She wrapped one of her hands around my cock, and held the back of my head with the other. I kept one hand continually squeezing and rubbing her chest, and the other hand I moved down over her firm stomach and continued until her pussy lips were in my fingers. I moved my fingers up and down and rubbed in little circles and into her pussy. Her soft pussy lips pressed into the palm of my hand while I massaged her deep inside.

Her hand left my cock. Then I felt her unrolling a condom onto my cock.

She pulled my boner down, dragging the head of my cock between her buns on its way to her pussy. The head of my cock poked against the back of my hand as I massaged the inside of her pussy. I held her hips with both hands. She pressed the head of my cock against her soft pussy until it slipped inside.

I pushed my cock forward, sliding it all the way in. She arched her back and pushed her pussy back against me. We quickly agreed on a rhythm.

She rested her head back against my chest and closed her eyes. Her pointy tits gently heaved as she took deep breaths. Her pussy gripped my boner with soft, silky perfection on every stroke.

The above is some sample text from chapter four my novel, The Point of No Return. You can read the first six chapters of the novel for free on this website:

Chapter 1: A Curvature in Space-Time

Chapter 2: An Iron Core

Chapter 3: Four Billion Years of Evolution

Chapter 4: It Doesn’t Take Much

Chapter 5: A Few Test Drives

Chapter 6: Gomorrah Church

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About The Point of No Return:

Paranoia and seduction in the desperate old city of Zeboim

Brian lives in the desperate and depraved old city of Zeboim, but he feels up to the challenge of navigating the forces of chaos and evil that reign. He believes he has reasonable goals: he wants nothing more than a simple life with one woman who is naturally pretty and a good companion.

But nothing is simple in Zeboim; his jealous, nagging girlfriend seems convinced he’s cheating on her with virtually every woman in the city, someone is determined to sabotage Brian’s cheap old car, and a handful of women are only too eager to share their blunt opinions of his girlfriend. In a phone call that catches Brian off guard, the forces of darkness seem to be daring him one last time to fall prey; find out whether he gets too close to the flames.

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